the idea that you can atomize everything into its constituent parts and discover all its properties through analysis of those parts is the most harmful idea in science, not only because of the damage its done to the study of complex dynamic systems but also because Doctor Atomizer has me tied up in xer secret volcano lair and is threatening me with xer Atomizer ray, please send help

no there is not a Mx., Vx., Mrs, Mr, other Dr, or [R] (short for [REDACTED]) Atomizer, please stop asking, how do you think i got tied up here in the first place

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@velexiraptor Vell vell vell, Mx Raptor, shall ve see if ve can find ze gay particle.

@strangeglyph "Atomizer! You vixen! You'll never get away with this - the gay particle is far too strong for any one enby to control!"

"And 'ow do you know zat, hmm? I am far stronker than any mere mortal, Mx. Raptor. It vas so very easy to seduce you at that casino in Monaco..."

"I know because..." *my sunglasses fall from my face, revealing silvery ticking clock hands around my purple pupils* "We've had this conversation before! Help's on it's way - not that you'll know 30 seconds ago! Callback strikes again!"

absurd, mildly violent/gross?, only replying to the first half of your post 

@velexiraptor humans and cows are both carbon so it's perfectly ethical to eat human burgers actually

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