data collection doesn't correlate to how much damage a platform can do to society.

4chan collects fuck-all, and gestated the alt-right.

it's not good, and data shouldn't be collected, but anonymizing and/or refusing to collect it does not a safe user experience make

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we're fundamentally fighting the wrong battle here. no one would be able to effectively devote the resources to collecting this data if there wasn't a profit motive connected to it; the interests that want the data to build surveillance databases aren't good enough at this to do it themselves, which is why they have to rely on purchasing the data from companies that want it for AI training or targeted marketing (which doesn't work)

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the greatest harms a piece of social media technology can do are not dictated by its technical specs, but by the community it fosters

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@velexiraptor hard agree. my digital footprint is only an issue because tech capitalists pursuing the profit that I represent in potentia make it an issue.

Yes, it's something I need to worry about now, but it's a symptom not the end destination.

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