hoo boy ok so when do we tell the liberals that "the police are founded to perpetuate racism and so cannot be reformed into an anti-racist institution" also applies to the US constitution

it's not a bastion of freedom, it's actually full of bad ideas, the only times it got close to good ones are in the fuckin appendix that the founding fathers didn't even intend in the first place bc the bill of rights was an afterthought to placate the opposition

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@velexiraptor maybe if they can learn to understand the one, they can understand the other

@JohnBrownJr @velexiraptor Why wait? As long as we're talking about the carceral system, hopefully we can bring the 13th Amendment and the rest of that document into question in one fell swoop

@velexiraptor I tend to bring the 13th amendment in now but for the document as a whole I think we pencil it in for October if that works for you :blobcat:

@velexiraptor literally had someone the other day say something like "but it says all people are created equal" and I had to remind them of that whole 3/5 of a person business they tried to pull.

@MichaelA we get it, your wife left you and your dick doesn't work

@MichaelA @velexiraptor have you read Edouard siddons treatise on god and morality? I think you would find them very conpelling.

@MichaelA @velexiraptor hope martin luther nails one up your natural law mysognist bussy

@cuttlefish @MichaelA @velexiraptor I read this thread as I was falling asleep last night and I had to check in just now and make sure it actually happened

@JohnBrownJr im guessing radtown yeeted him. i posted screenies in the thread somewhere

@cuttlefish @velexiraptor Shit, I wish I didn't have him blocked and rcsocial muted, I can't see what the setup to this was

@cuttlefish @witchfynder_finder @velexiraptor C'mon, at least the fellow is an old type of fash. "integralist". Bio says no pepe omg jsjdksjdkddkdk

@cuttlefish @MichaelA @velexiraptor
Incredible. Love to see people shitting their actual pants on my home column.

@MichaelA highly recommend you should eat shit and die you crusader larping fucking freak

@MichaelA so do you hate women or do you just have to oppress them because your god hates women

@MichaelA hmm no you oppress and subjugate them, position them as unconditionally lesser, control and exercise dominion over them in disregard of their wishes, seems like you hate them.

@MichaelA patriarchy is about maintaining artificial heirarchical control, otherwise it would not be exclusivist

@MichaelA it is not natural if you have to work so hard to keep it in place

@MichaelA you shouldn't subjugate women Michael, i know your god thinks it's good but it's not actually good to treat a living being as though they are lesser

@MichaelA you are not giving up your freedom you are gaining a fifedom you rule at your whim mate

@MichaelA you're advocating for a system that says women are lesser beings and sometimes you have to hit them

@MichaelA in a patriarchal society, women's feelings on childbirth don't matter because they exist to you, Michael a, specifically

@MichaelA do you want me to start giving you articles about how your way kills women? i can do that, you seem to like articles

@MichaelA given that you are advocating for a system that removes the agency of women, trying to argue that you care about their feelings is not in fact consistent

@MichaelA also you have cherrypicked only articles that support your point of view

@MichaelA lol you have survivor bias. an inherently and provably better peaceful system that falls to an objectively worse but inherently violent system will been seen as inferior for failing to cope with violence.

@MichaelA i mean, i can see why you, a patriarch, would argue for patrarchy, as it places you in a position of power. but surely you can see how that makes any argument of yours seem self-serving

@MichaelA please stop oppressing women and telling yourself it is because you are helping them and that actually women don't want to be free

@MichaelA my argument does not serve me as it does not automatically grant me primacy like yours does.
also given that you believe you have divine dominion over your wife, she is no longer an independent source, it's like the slave saying no in fact i love the whip.

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