read Angela Davis' "Are Prisons Obsolete". if you're not for prison abolition idk why you're even on this site, but reading her work *also* lets you defend it better when you're telling your relatives to support prison abolition so you don't just end up capitulating to milquetoast liberal reform. it's 100-odd pages and eminently more readable than anything written by a continental white philosopher dude.

if you boost this toot, please also do the reading. telling other people to read the book is not the same as reading the book.

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@velexiraptor Also thank you for sharing this. Prison abolition is one thing I've been meaning to read more about because I'm woefully ill-equipped to argue it.

@velexiraptor Have it open for later reading.

Need to beef up my prison abolitionist arguments and improve my own views

@velexiraptor I read this for one of my courses and it's a really really good read, if you can manage the time to do it I HIGHLY suggest it

Could you re-upload the book on a service that respects privacy like or firefox send?

@SwindlerOfInsanity no, but here's a link to the full text as a webpage and a pdf download link. for further notice, lots of texts are available for free on a variety of sites, and a cursory search will find similar links for privacy-minded folks.

You could also just buy the book...esp considering all this talk about supporting poc. Buying a book is support.


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