"billionaires earned their money" is this century's "the king has the divine right to rule"

@velexiraptor people who buy winning lottery tickets literally do more to warb their wealth than all the billionaires out there

@velexiraptor This is so true. I had people close to bankrupcy or in dire health situations without access to healthcare in the US stand for billionaires and for less tax arguing that they earned this money with their own sweat.

@velexiraptor I'd like to exempt Paul McCartney and Joan Rowling. Both started out with little/no money and made their fortune by bringing joy to a whole mass of other people. And received the compensation for that.

@carl @velexiraptor for one artist to be this wildly successful, other countless artists, perhaps just as talented, were not able to make a living out of their art. Still not fair

@carl @velexiraptor nah, we can revoke jk rowling's money now for sure.

she may have brought mass joy to other people but that has since ceased. her creative output now is actively harmful to people, with cool stunts like "time to set a story in 1920s harlem with no black people and the cool speakeasy is just goblins copy pasted over the clearly black culture" and "oh boy look at the time, it's support TERFs on twitter o'clock!"

@carl @velexiraptor that's aside from the whole dissertation which i could probably write (and others probably have, far more competently) about how the beatles were mostly a gentrification engine to make certain musical styles acceptable by white upper middle class folks. even before getting into the ways he might be personally unfortunate.

at some point, it's not talent - it's not original invention - it's luck. it's being at the right place at the right time.

luck isn't worth that much.

@carl @velexiraptor Their money at least in part came from companies that amassed their wealth the other way tho. WB for example.

@carl @velexiraptor I think it's safe to say most multimillionaires and billionaires didn't earn their money, but a small (probably low single digit) number of people did.

@velexiraptor @Nasenspray
Take away all Bezos' money and tell him just go and "work hard" and get it all back again working in an Amazon sweatshop warehouse! Or any of the Walton family working in a Walmart.
'Earning' and 'Worth' in the context of billionaires is ridiculous.
As usual, the world knows the cost of everything and the value of Nothing!

@velexiraptor i keep thinking about this because honestly deep down part of me thinks it's even worse

the king was at least - theoretically - bound by divine judgement. if you get your power from god, he's given a list of shit you need to follow, and plenty of examples of people who ate shit after pulling stupid stunts. you can (again, at least theoretically) catch heat for fucking it up so bad you make god angry with not just you but also your entire country.

@velexiraptor the invisible hand of commerce doesn't even pretend to have any sort of morality, it's just pure might makes right in a nonsensical cycle. you are right because you are rich and you are rich because you are right and the richer you get the righter you are.

even if the carrot-and-stick of religion falls apart real darn quick, at least that's more tools than billionares ever got to face

@velexiraptor if earning money includes stacking bodies very high, then billionaires, just like our divine kings, have earned their money the exact same way.

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