:lazer_G: e n d e r (selfie, eye contact in second, boosts good!)

(ft. t-shirt design by @!)

(not a boy, maybe a boi, always a dyke, to most people a girl, politically a woman, technically non-binary, legally trans, illegally a piece of shit)

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ironically, one of the most parseable readings of this shirt (femboy) is like, the polar opposite of my gender

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@melissasage this is the first time ive felt comfortable enough to wear it since ordering it 2 months ago

it slaps

@bea (hi! compliments appreciated but plz read my bio!)

@velexiraptor Apologies! The beanie made it hard to find another word.

@velexiraptor you gonna confuse the shit out of cis people, none of who know the gender icons

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