covid, models, death 

looking at models that say, in a situation where social distancing isn't working, there's gonna be millions of deaths in the next two months and then it'll go back down

and holy shit that's so fucked

two months? timewise that's so short, i have no doubt we can make it through that timescale supply chain and isolation-wise

but the societal trauma of that many deaths that quickly? what the fuck. how do we cope with that loss

covid, models, death 

@velexiraptor i have no idea, i can only hope building as strong and supportive a local community as i can now will hello us all carry each other through that shock and grief

covid, models, death 

@velexiraptor we will all b healed 💖

covid, models, death 

@velexiraptor This whole thing honestly feels kinda like a slow 9/11 to me. It's something of a black swan event for a lot of people (even though professionals have warned pandemics can happen any time, no one listens), there is a sense of not really knowing exactly what is going on or what will happen next, we are just sorta sitting here watching it burn. If millions die, I don't know what the impact will be but I could see certain social distancing practices becoming the norm, like no more hand shaking. I don't think the public psyche ever really recovers from something like this, it just adapts and moves on with new scars.

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