the 2016/2198/5100/0/1492/-5*10^12 Chronology Protection Accords banned the construction of temporal weapons and established a set of inviolate reference frames with regards to human history. these reference frames involve the maintenance of a variety of oppressions that ensure the creation of the Accords and the authorities that wrote them. as Time Revolutionaries, your duty is to wield whatever temporal weapons you can steal, build, or invoke to break the shackles of history, kill Time Cops, and create a better past for humanity

@velexiraptor ... Could you stop building awesome worlds for like... wait, in this context it doesn't even *matter how long*...

@velexiraptor At the end of the day, a society only *really* gets interesting when they figure out how to spin up new universes from virtual particles in the outer void. Pocket dimensions ftw, and then time's just matter in motion so...

@Ephaemera ah yes, this is my gun that fires pocket universes that rapidly expand and contract

anything it hits is yeeted into the pocket universe

its an isekai cannon

@velexiraptor @vyr (*gesticulates wildly at her copy of the Continuum RPG*)

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