my gf can't flex her pectoral muscles and didn't know that was a thing

i didn't know that was something that some ppl just couldn't do

how rare is it?

@velexiraptor it's the same muscle you use to roll your tongue

@velexiraptor This is like discovering others don’t share your superpower 😳
(I’m in the can’t camp)

@velexiraptor I couldn't at one point, but doing isolated muscle exercises helps.

@velexiraptor I can't? I think?

I dunno if it's like raising my larynx, and I just can't do it til I figure out how, or if I just can't do it.

@velexiraptor It feels like I have to sort of use my shoulder to do it so I don't know if I'm doing it right?

@velexiraptor these results are *very* surprising to me TIL

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