attack the character sheet
literally destroy it
remove characters' ability scores, destroy their armor, make them forget languages, erase their name, tear off the equipment section

this crucially all depends on doing it in the course of the game. no prizes for starting with a minimal sheet.

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I think I literally had this idea for a game
If you want a new fighting style, you must extract it from the bones of a superior fighter

@TeethTeethTeeth just sluuuuurp it right out

brb stealing this for turtle meat hell

I would be very interested in playing/running a sand box style game where the number of spells (special kidney stones), fighting styles (bones), and special powers (empowered tumors) were finite. There is only 1 fireball stone, can you find it?

@velexiraptor how are you able to read the design notes i've got for this not-pokemon game

@velexiraptor good thing I show up to every session with several decoy sheets

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