tired: technology bad
wired: capitalism bad, technology neutral
inspired: some technology in fact still bad, but capitalism makes it so that even technologies that can be used for good are used for bad, while spreading profitable bad technologies

whatever comes after inspired: "technology" isnt a useful category because it covers literally everything that involves tool use, and you can't analyze stuff on that level without titanic amounts of nuance

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one more: just because a technology creates a flawed society doesn't mean society wouldn't be flawed (either moreso, or on different axes) without it, nor does that mean that the flaws are insoluble without ridding ourselves of the technology

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my ulterior motive behind all of this: in your post-capitalist society, trans ppl should be able to access all forms of gender-affirming care that society can currently provide, including hrt and gcs

obv this extends to other areas of marginalization; ppl who need meds should be able to access all the medical care they need

and that requires some seriously advanced supply lines and production chains! just gotta do it ethically and without exploitation

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@velexiraptor I don't know what that means because explaining knowledge is also a social technology so you're double banned

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