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id really rather people don't compliment my hair when i take my beanie off

its not that it's a bad haircut, it's that it's profoundly not me and it gives me more dysphoria than anything besides my dick

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quarantine finally got me thirst trapping!

hello, lesbians. sapphics. wlw. nblw. im smoldering at y'all

selfies. first has ec, last is suggestive, all are sfw (for everyone who still has to worry about that right now), boosts are an essential public service

im gonna do something dumb to my hair

its not actually that dumb but like, im just scared its gonna turn out bad

@Lexi they tried this exact kind of thing last year, and it went extremely horribly, everyone gave up on it

don't sweat about it, it's good to be safe and secure, but not much will happen this time around either

acab, fedi meta 


have a profile pic and bio before boosting or faving my things

no reason for me not to just block you if you don't

acab including the cast of brooklyn 99

my favorite way to describe pooping 

Growing my teeth out for that queer look of the summer.

and that the prof will just laugh at me and tell me that i should've been paying attention or that they don't care or that something else matters more

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i always feel like accommodating me is too much to ask and im crossing boundaries by asking for captions or to turn up/down sound or for clarifications

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someday ill be able to ask people to do things for me without feeling guilty

imagine looking at society and deciding that what it needs is more individualism

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my gender is a sea urchin and every time i try to grab it i get spiked but it's worth it for the sweet sea butter inside

gonna piss off a lot of people with this one, especially transbian hackers

sorry ladies but pick a better language

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