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this is a thirst trap for exactly one (1) person on this site, but the rest of you get to experience it too

selfie, no ec

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don't call me cute

i'm not your internet crush (non-serious flirting ok if you aren't a man)

only accepting follow requests if we interact or you're following me back

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im putting this back up on this account because Reasons and Who's Gonna Stop Me

someday im gonna publish a book called Hi Fellow Trans Dykes with the name on the cover in big capital letters and it's gonna be in every fuckin bookstore

the pages are just my phone number, email, discord, and mastodon, and the words "call me"

the only verifiably effective action against racism on performative spaces like social media is isolation and ostracization. we've seen time and again giving racists a platform is giving them what they want

homophobic of monads to go down right after i finally took anime filter photos

I went back to the poll about time displacement and according to the comments, a lot of white users voted "I'm not white" because they're LGBT

But that's not what the poll was about, and you didn't have to vote at all if you felt your experience wasn't represented (because it was about race in the U.S., not sexuality or gender identity)

I'm disappointed in y'all white LGBT folk cause you really had me thinking there were a lot more POC here than there really are :( Lmao

definitely cutting down the amount of ppl i hang out with. damn.

@JohnBrownJr no anarchist born after 1920 can lob giant round bombs, all they know is form committee, be bisexual, complain about mls, eat hot chip, and lie

writing something profoundly useful yet saturated with my disdain for the reader

what's the gayest thing i could be hiding under my mask

it was so cool that i spent 5 years of my university education learning what makes the human mind biased, weak and by which mechanisms these biases act and after graduation, then the only jobs worth a damn were the ones about using these weaknesses to either sell more ads, or make people behave like the government wished they did

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phew, sure is convenient that we will know when "ai" overtakes humanity because it will obviously try to physically kill us, and not, say, manipulate us into higher profit margins for their taskmasters

The richest 1% of people produce more than twice the CO₂ than the literal billions who make up the poorest half of humanity.

every time you criticize capitalism a line of identical looking shitheads lines up to say stuff like "have you considered starting youre own business"

it's crazy how many trashy isekais are obviously motivated by alienation from capitalism but they never manage to connect the dots

@horsefucker_thicc this whole thing smacks of Voting, i say, sucking my dick clean off and turning the fourth of july into the fourth of Shit

(of course just having finished The City We Became last night, these are kinda freaky to find...)

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Thought I saw a new-to-me mushroom in the yard, but at closer inspection they turned out to be ghost plants! Monotropa uniflora, freaky little chlorophyll-free parasitic plants. 🆒


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