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hi! i'm lexi, a trans lesbian (she/her) doing my undergrad in toronto, shitposting, blogging about and the (, loving women, sadposting occasionally, and generally being a nuisance in my mufo's replies

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Cishet lifestyles seem so weird and sad to me

i am a very amiable person, and if you disagree i will burn your house to the ground

just woke up from a horrible dream in which a well-meaning 10-year-old wizard had stolen the word "fuck" from the world

i was working with a loose coalition of sailors, cooks, and software people to rediscover it, or create an alternative, because we all needed to yell it frequently to do our jobs

"bazt" and "corm" just weren't working but nobody at the meeting wanted to say it because that's the best we had after a week

summoning the dark god of puns to change one letter in the name of each spell i own

Heard London is rolling out facial recognition for their police force. Fuck that shit. Buy a face mask. Say it's to combat spread of Corona virus. Protest the free and unregulated use of facial recognition. It's really scary.

for me transition was about going from feeling awkward about opening jars to feeling powerful

the band imagine dragons call themselves that because they are too scared to kin dragons

Praxis is seeing someone who is probably shoplifting and just not saying anything about it

one of the most efficient things about capitalism is how every website you go to pings like 300 other websites so they can try to serve you ads for shit like a chair that you already bought

re: Oakland, Moms 4 Housing, eviction, purchase, + 

The only polite thing to say upon seeing a furry's RL face is "You're so cute, you look just like it pictures :)" and mean it

don't say b**rgeois. its a slur and some people of means are reclaiming it but that doesn't mean you can say it uwu

"being trans isnt a choice" 

one of the best-established lines of anti-communist propaganda is 'communism is a nice idea, but it's unrealistic. it's human nature to be awful to each other!'

I don't believe in human nature, and I do believe in revolution. but revolution will not end interpersonal conflict. if we fix society there will still be parties you're invited to but which people you can't stand are at. there just won't be interpersonal conflicts that end with calling the cops, or somebody having no place to live and no way to eat

we should picture the revolutionary future as having MORE pitched arguments in public, because no-one's afraid to lose their job (and thus their home, food, medicine, family...)

communist utopian fiction asshole comedy. huge, broad, perhaps even unhinged personalities coming into hilarious conflict over shit that doesn't matter and is everyone's fault, against a backdrop of no colonialism, gentrification, cops, prison, wage labor, hunger, or preventable death from medical neglect

I legit didn't know the ivy league schools had sports teams. I figured they just did war crimes

transphobia gripe, overgeneralizing probably but I’m tired 

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