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google how to reconcile
- the alienation from womanhood of being a lesbian
- strong feelings of binary womanhood
- presentation goals that strongly align with societal ideals of androgyny (that are in and of themselves problematic), rather than femininity
- trans womanhood

i don't know who needs to hear it but...

needing reassurance isn't being manipulative.

especially not when you're always emotionally swimming upstream against a torrent of crappy opinions shat out by people trying to shoehorn you back into a mold you never fit in the first place.

uncontroversial follow-up 

bad opinion, definitely gonna be cancelled for this one 

are you a top? you know legally if you are you have to tell us

adding extra cws not technically required just to make a godawful cw

okay but what if a sorority but only for transfem folks, and also like all of them are dating each other

can we put everyone who calls themself an "entrepreneur" on a rocket to the sun

Capitalism is not designed to convenience you, it is meant to sedate you.

one's an ACAB all cats are beautiful patch and another is a "sometimes anti social, always anti fascist" pin

there are more but those are the two im most jazzed about :blobtoofast:

reply with your name, address, and social security number if you have a crush on me :blobkissheart:

i can't wait until we get another influx of new ppl and can laugh about toot boosts again

shitpost, great gatsby 

these readings assume i know so much more terminology than i do as a third-year undergrad aaaaaaa

love 2 live in a world of nuance where people are divided into two groups:
1. we stan
2. horrible

if we can agree that people are made up by their actions and that cohesive identity is a myth we tell ourselves about ourselves, maybe we should also agree that the best way to change behavior and culture is to name and call out bad actions instead of saying that people are good people or bad people

borderlands 3 sounds like all the NPCs are voiced by the same 2 VAs and tbh that wouldn't surprise me if that was the case

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