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id really rather people don't compliment my hair when i take my beanie off

its not that it's a bad haircut, it's that it's profoundly not me and it gives me more dysphoria than anything besides my dick

cuz like. ppl already do this? but there aren't social scripts to really handle it outside of very specific circumstances and they still tend to imply preference of one over the other

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theory: system of a down has aged incredibly well because all of their lyrics read exactly like posts you would read on the tl

exhibit 1: my cock is much bigger than yours. my cock can walk right through the door.
exhibit 2: revolution, the only solution, the armed response of an entire nation. we've taken all your shit, now it's time for restitution

It's worth learning about the arc of American right-wing survivalism and disaster/civil war fantasies just to see how much of it is trying to engineer scenarios that justify patriarchy and the nuclear family.

holy shit.
Alondra Cano, ward 9 city council representative, an hour ago, word for word:
"The former third precinct can never again have a police presence. We need a community process to decide the future of this site."
:birdsite: ๐Ÿ”— :

uspol, demos and queerness 

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normalize just. changing names whenever, not for any reason or milestone, just out of boredom

Enough spreading around the same black pain videos over and over again, and enough making acab shitposts instead of actually doing something.

here are some places that could use some extra attention/funds

(Let me know if any other ones need attention or if there are any non-legit ones)
this one could always use some money

Y'all know black people didn't come up with the label "black" right? Blackness was assigned to sub-Saharan Africans to justify the colonialism and chattel slavery and brutal, genocidal violence Europeans were about to enact. This is your fault lmao

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The DC mayor had "Black Lives Matter" painted onto 16th St behind the White House this morning. Street signs are also switched out ones that say "Black Lives Matter."

Although performative, this is gonna piss off a lot of gov officials, politicians, tourists, and trumpers.

#WashingtonDC #DCprotests #BLM

the 3rd amendment prevents soldiers from quartering in your home but not you from quartering in a soldiers home. it is your constitutional right to cuck those troops.

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I started doing this a few months before the pandemic and it's a great first step to not ignoring homeless people

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nuclear take: maybe the fact that nobody uses cash anymore is just a convenient excuse to not give money to the homeless when they ask. It's true that pretty much everyone just pays by card, but does that override moral duty? is it so hard to go to the bank and ask the teller for a roll of toonies to give out when asked?

Nothing is changed or won in days or weeks. You have to recharge. You have to sustain yourself. It's imperative to the movement

holy shit two cops got hit by lightning in DC. i'm calling it. God is on our side

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LA Pride is working with the LAPD. Fuck every single one of those traitors.

presumably future me knows how to do the same to present me, y'know, to keep me honest

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