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quarantine finally got me thirst trapping!

hello, lesbians. sapphics. wlw. nblw. im smoldering at y'all

selfies. first has ec, last is suggestive, all are sfw (for everyone who still has to worry about that right now), boosts are an essential public service

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hi! i'm lexi, a trans lesbian (she/her) doing my undergrad in toronto, shitposting, blogging about and the (, loving women, sadposting occasionally, and generally being a nuisance in my mufo's replies

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clothing swaps broke my gender and now i have this going for me which is nice (selfie, no ec, boosts suit me just fine!)

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I might be gay but at least I’m not straight

rambling pol idk im tired 

someday im gonna forget to shell the guava candy before i guzzle it

mathematically incorrect gender shitpost 

[BOOSTS: yes plz]

re-boosting but also re-posting the above cos i originally had “3.5"” and not “2.5"”


i now have a ko-fi!


if you don’t have an old enclosure, but *do* have the means during these lean times to spare a coffee or two,

it can get me closer to affording this new enclosure, possibly the last one still being made/sold with FW800:

and here’s my ko-fi:

thank you! <3

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You're a trans girl, choose your job:

1. Gay-famous artist
2. Ok rancher/farmer
3. Food service
4. Something with computers you can't really explain
5. Basically just getting yelled at
6. Specifically only cheese

Quarantine's making people really grapple with themselves. By 2021 there's gonna be no cis left.

ah, the perfect time to find out that i ran out of the color of dye i use

I have a simple flowchart to understand American politics and government. it is entirely linear, so it should be easy to understand

there exists a social problem
it gets ignored by anyone with power
it gets worse
someone figures out how to make money from making the problem worse
a brain genius figures out a way to fuck the numbers so that it looks like the problem isn't as bad as it is. this is adopted as the official measure. people still lie and say that this number is better than it is.
someone in power passes a law that makes the entrepreneur above even more filthy rich
people's lives are miserable and many of them die due to this completely fucking preventable problem
news breaks that this is somehow even fucking worse than anyone thought
loop back to step 1

democratic socialism is when its socialism but with the american flag and also everyone is white

i spend more time worrying about if people will look down on me for watching a piece of media than i spend actually watching it

and it's not that they try to assimilate us, it's that they try to make us internalise our oppression, make us erase ourselves and accept the patriarchy's — which requires an internal enemy to constantly stomp on to keep existing — evaluation of us. this is violence for the continuation of violence. it's to prevent us from having words to describe it and from having a flag to rally behind

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every one of us goes thru a phase, or multiple phases, of thinking we're the only one like us in the entire world. how many people don't make it thru that, and how deeply the ones who do are scarred by it. every single trutrans and biphobic gay and w/e else can be traced back to being unable to cope with the intense othering of being robbed of your roots, of your history & resolving that by turning into an agent of heteronormativity

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