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hi! i'm lexi, a trans lesbian (she/her) doing my undergrad in toronto, shitposting, blogging about and the (, loving women, sadposting occasionally, and generally being a nuisance in my mufo's replies

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it's a good snowy to stay inside on! (selfie, ec, fingergun, boosts fuel my internal self-esteem fires and keep me warm)

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happy halloween! gonna go catch me a gardevoir (selfie, ec from my plushie eevee but not from me, boosts for spoops)

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google how to reconcile
- the alienation from womanhood of being a lesbian
- strong feelings of binary womanhood
- presentation goals that strongly align with societal ideals of androgyny (that are in and of themselves problematic), rather than femininity
- trans womanhood

Lesbians listening to the Garden State soundtrack while wiring an oil pipeline construction project up.

My voice often becomes deeper when I speak Finnish because I'm trying to channel a 30 year old man named Lauri who lives in a cottage and can build a sauna in 2 hours by hand in order to get the accent right

Twitter: The worst people in the world try very hard to post the best content.

Mastodon: The best people in the world try very hard to post the worst content.

finally planning events and making stuff with my friends again!

So a funny thing that is just standard for astronomers is that we say Your-un-us, not Your-anus whenever we pronounce Uranus so that whomever we are speaking to doesn't erupt into giggles and will take us seriously. The point is that I just got out of a meeting where an visiting astronomer said YOUR-ANUS and I started giggling and now I have to change jobs.

I smoothed Bernie, ok? I admit it.

Now, if you don’t shut up about it, I’ll smooth you too! So help me god!

Mastodon Yelp review 

i have put much thought into this and have come to the conclusion that trans girls good to cuddle


In an earlier thread, I wrote briefly about trans people in medieval Europe, and discussed some of the main issues when studying the medieval history of trans people.

Today, if you'll indulge me, I want to spend some time discussing a single person in detail. I want to talk about the way she's been written about, and about her and what she can teach us about life as a trans person 600 years ago.

This is the story of Eleanor Rykener.

@SunSaint honestly, I find it quite dispiriting that I know people who agonise over every comma to make sure their arguments are watertight and struggle to make a stable living while this kind of trash is getting published by verso and showered with praise

As woke as the Bojack show is it really seems to be trying to hit every trigger it can

any 'secret sauce' is just cum, I refuse to believe otherwise

VR is absolutely not the most interesting thing happening with games right now

We've got a plethora of indie dev tools and online publishers that eliminate the need to put in the cost overhead for physical game copies

I do not think "at least a $400 cash sink for hardware that makes toy feel nauseous" is the thing that's going to get customers OR developers excited

Here's my review of the hottest new work of gender theory all the critics are raving about, Females, by Andrea Long Chu.

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