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im putting this back up on this account because Reasons and Who's Gonna Stop Me

someday im gonna publish a book called Hi Fellow Trans Dykes with the name on the cover in big capital letters and it's gonna be in every fuckin bookstore

the pages are just my phone number, email, discord, and mastodon, and the words "call me"

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don't call me cute

i'm not your internet crush (non-serious flirting ok if you aren't a man)

only accepting follow requests if we interact or you're following me back

ADHD is like “I’m more powerful than God, I can write a novel before lunch, I’ll fight a tiger, I can chew glass and shit champagne flutes”

and ten mins later

“I do not have the will to open this envelope”

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un escapes from fascist Los Angeles police department in daring automobile chase, after recovering the long lost “Scrolls of Juche.”

mostly it's stuff like "the GM is a vampire and hopelessly in love with her crush, the girl who plays the cleric and is secretly a werewolf"

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there's like one episode where they end up inside the game world but it's a one-off where they poke fun at isekais

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scripted actual play podcast where it ends up turning into supernatural metaplot and drama that actually has very little to do with the game itself

never mind my various brain shit, none of that counts because axiomatically im normal and okay

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against calling myself mentally ill because i am simply not the kind of person who has mental illness, my family was too aggressively whitebread suburban nuclear "normal" for me to be anything but neurotypical and the perfect little worker bee for the next generation of neoliberal capitalism

in true university of toronto fashion, i will continue to not give a shit about them or root against them as becomes necessary

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oh my god my university has a blaseball team apparently

who authorized this

turning a big dial taht says "Manipulation" on it and constantly looking back at my metamours for approval

anyone that thinks ‘logic’ is superior to ‘emotions’ 100% of the time can suck it

imagine being so gay that both your name and where you're from become words to describe being gay

(sappho from the isle of lesbos)


in retrospect i should've realized that these $5 earbuds are $5 for a reason

jordan peterson is the avatar of classical masculinity, and he's dying of several diseases at once...... this says a lot about our society


holy shit this cider is so good, i found a Good Cider and im just gonna order it anywhere i can

so many pretty girls in the world and they all think im hot and i even get to date one!

@SeanAloysiusOBrien fight an alleged foreign surveillance state with your own national surveillance state, sounds logic and not at all alarming

tired: women in (military/police) uniform
wired: women in (firefighting) uniform
inspired: women in (sports) uniform

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