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any queer ppl play ffxiv on ultros? transferred to join a friend's fc but it's p quiet during daylight hours

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aaaand here's a system post to pin

nicole - she/they
freyja = they/them
chloe ~ she/her
annabel ^ she/they
blank + it/its
sierra & she/her
gayle % fae/they
stormy ' they/them
sif/ambrose $ they/he (if we're close)
elsie " they/them

gonna kiss the heck out of a cute girl today wow !

gonna kiss a cute girl on monday...............

major eva spoilers, fuck netflix 

selfie, no eye contact, quick outfit photo 

Abuser warning 

Selfie, ec, new dp 

lewd, rly red hickie 

PSA: Keen Dreams on switch (don't buy it) (nazis, violence) 

Its Father's Day can I get some boosts?

also apparently i gotta walk all the way from terminal 6 to terminal 3 for a damn burger, LAX really is the worst airport in america

why did i wake up at 7 when i dont even need to be at the airport till 9:45! aahagshsg

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