One thing I like about college sports is watching how upset one fan base gets. Best is Penn State and Ohio State. They lose it. I love it.

What makes the intellectual dark web people so profoundly dishonest is that see the forest but only talk about a tree or two.

I wonder how a rich kid would fare if we plucked them out of their prestigious school and put them in a community with failing schools, situated in a food desert, with parents who work 100+ hours making $8.50/hr 🤔🤔

Does anyone have any experience with Manjaro and if so, what was it like?

I'm not sure what I'm attempting to communicate by putting this out there.

reddit was never that good in the first place but the current iteration of the site feels so glossy which, to me anyway, isn't a good thing.

Often think I want attention until I receive it. Is there a word for this?

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I’m gonna put a fleshlight in my exhaust pipe to counter protest truck nuts and by extension the patriarchy

Cops said I couldn't grill out in this church parking lot fucking ridiculous fam

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Leisurely hiking through the forests on a Monday seems to become my new habit :blobpats:


I feel like everyone goes off on here every night it's nice

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