oh wow the guy who made spinster literally did it because he was just that mad about being banned from todon.nl
nice nice

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I want the women are stupid guy to invade glindr. They deserve each other.

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feel like pure shit just want labor unions back

no reason but where is ronald reagan buried

pouring one out for the good bits we've passed up in the name of good taste and not getting a lot of bad notifications

itd be really funny if we all rallied together for the free speech of men are stupid guy now

got ahold of the maybe-intro set of fan translated games from a couple years ago and it rules
fan translations are basically always either of good games or of mechanically interesting ones and the people making them are the real troops imo

man dynamaxing really did the vore community a solid huh

gotta say even as a men i don't disagree

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the guy who impersonated a bloomberg intern to put out a fake official dance video is on some king shit tbh

basically if you're better at search engine optimization than him you can be come the real graham linehan

glindr.net is $11 if anyone wants to put a lot of effort into a bit

lmao just immediately banned for posting "whats up gamers"

a cool feature of the graham linehan instance is that googling it autocorrects to grindr

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