Since we are talking ADHD on the timeline, this might be a good opportunity to direct folks to a couple very good ADHD resources:

*How To ADHD* is a very compassionate and non-pathologising youtube channel by the peppiest woman on earth

*ADHD Rewired* is a podcast by a kind of insufferably entrepreneurial cis dude, but which nonetheless consistently delivers profoundly useful insights and strategies.

@turtlebirb Wow, thank you! I have similar symptoms to ADHD, so this helps a lot.

@turtlebirb i'd like to recommend ADHD Alien, a collection of comics about the ADHD experience

@turtlebirb just as an aside, let's not forget that the reason we're talking ADHD is because there is currently a YouTube walkout being held, so please don't go to that YouTube channel until the 14th.

@nutt there must be multiple ADHD conversations going on then, because I posted this a week ago and boosted it because of a friend's comments about some personal family struggles.

But thank you for letting me know.

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