Steven Universe is a children's show which replaces masculine power fantasy with an emotional maturity fantasy. Steven's entire superpower is being kind and understanding, and the show treats this with the same gravity and enthusiasm as other shows treat combat. This is a good and beautiful thing.

@turtlebirb Pop Culture Detective's videos on it explore this very well

They're super early in his channel though, so he hadn't really figured out his current format. They're still good, but not as good as his later stuff

@turtlebirb That's as may be, but if you're a boy nine or ten years old, that shit bores the living piss out of you.

@flugennock @turtlebirb I have a feeling ypuve never watched the show cause ypuve clearly have no idea what youre talking about

lol, boys are bored by being loved and respected okay better get more Fight Cartoons in there

this just in: old leftist not as left as previously believed by way of toxic masc shit. in related news, water wet

@merlose_loire My father taught me non-toxicity at a very early age. Dad was your classic '50s guy in a lot of ways, but he knew from "toxic masculinity" before it had a catchy name. He made sure I knew "manhood" from "boorish machismo".

@turtlebirb When I was a young boy, my parents understood the importance of kindness and understanding, but still... when I watched TV or read comix, I wanted adventure, excitement, I dreamed of flying in space to other worlds. I wanted Jonny Quest and Silver Surfer. It didn't make me mean, it just made me a kid who daydreamed of escaping.

This is the best summary of what Steven Universe is all about!
Thank you <3


this is literally part of why I haven't watched it yet

I'm terrified I'm not really capable of maturing, and what I'll find

but I'm not ready to test it for now, I'm certain of that ^_^

@sydneyfalk If it helps any? I was scared of the same thing. And yeah, I did dig up some scary parts of myself, but that's why I used a very sturdy metaphorical shovel - so I could put those scary parts of myself out of my misery. :blobyeengrin:

It's okay to take your time. Steven Universe will be there when you're ready for it. Everyone moves at their own pace. 💙

@turtlebirb yes!!! Our Opinions Are Correct have a pretty great podcast episode on the whole show, expressing much better than I could how lovable the whole show is

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