Part of moving to a new, cheaper city has been giving art-making a proper shot. Here is one of the preparatory pieces I'm working on

Having art be affordable enough to be accessible is important to me, so I'll be selling stuff relatively cheaply (I'm thinking 10-15 for small work, 50-60 for large screen printed banners, but we will see how the material and time costs work out).

But with luck, I'll be able to make enough off selling my work to pay for electrolysis!

Here's today's birb - another of everyone's favourite trash corvid and fancy boy, the black billed magpie

Early birb gets the worm. Feel like I'm finally starting to hit my stride here.

I will eventually start drawing other birds, as a number of my friends have kindly informed me that the black billed magpie is not the only bird that exists

This one is for @wlonk , who reassured me in my conviction that black billed magpies are in fact the only bird that exists.

The flock is almost done!

Now if only my building would turn the water back on so I could wash all this glitter ink off my hands

@MoMartin hey Martin I have a proper question for you: what's your favourite bird?

@byttyrs hey Mads what's your favourite bird, no reason

@turtlebirb oh fuck, you have absolutely put me on the spot. this is a difficult decision for me in a way you may not be prepared for

@turtlebirb I guess I can conclusively say that I really like scissor-tailed flycatchers, Eastern bluebirds, and pigeons

@turtlebirb IF you were hypothetically going to make an image similar to that magpie one, with the gold halo... I think my preference would be the pigeon. dignifying these doves who were once our beloved companion animals is kind of a Thing for me

@byttyrs no pressure! You don't have to answer if you don't want to

Unless you're a birder like me and the problem is the real answer is "all of them. all the birbs"

@Bashabez5 hey, out of idle curiosity, for no reason at all, what's your favourite bird...

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