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Trans thoughts, on certainty 

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I call this meeting of The Best Friends Communist Front to order

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A joke given in the form of a logical argument is called a sillygism

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Me, reciting silently to myself as I place my hand in the black box, the gom jabbar poised at my neck: If you're a girl online you're a girl in real life...

What's the most recent Mastodon Original meme, rather than something that just filtered in from twitter

Italy and Spain are basically the same, right

The thing that delights me most about cats is their love of theatre

This guy Ted really likes to run his mouth huh

Shitting out exactly half my ass, a perfect trick shot

*Imperiously, I cast my gaze down at the petitioner cowering and craven at the foot of my throne*

Very well, cishet man, your people may reside within my borders, but know you only do so by my sufferance. Do not abuse my patience.

*I nod to my aide*

Grant their follow requests.


I love the cycles of people on the fediverse discovering the Publick Universal Friend

Am I the only person who just unironically enjoys 100 gecs?

The italian genre of picaresque, where a dashing lower class individual survives on wits alone, literally translates as "roguelike"

The last post was me, 2 days ago. I'm the only one awake, I am going to get fucked up drinking all the pop in the fridge and rearrange all the furniture to make a pillow fort and when I get bored I am going to shave rude words into your hair while you sleep

I think that one of the big differences between me and garf is that I feel incredibly cautious and circumspect about posting my first draft theory reflections publicly

The other is that I've never cummed up my own ass and given birth to myself

This is my favourite back and forth I have ever participated in on Mastodon

I say then, first, that privation is not the act of depriving, but simply and merely a state of want, which is in itself nothing: it is a mere entity of the reason, a mode of thought framed in comparing one thing with another. We say, for example, that a blind man is deprived of sight, because we readily imagine him as seeing, or else because we compare him with others who can see [...]

Spinoza on the perfection of things in and of themselves. The blind man lacks nothing, considered in himself.

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