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Trans thoughts, on certainty 

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I call this meeting of The Best Friends Communist Front to order

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A joke given in the form of a logical argument is called a sillygism

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Me, reciting silently to myself as I place my hand in the black box, the gom jabbar poised at my neck: If you're a girl online you're a girl in real life...

reflecting on a book I'm reading 

Have you ever seen a bear? It looks an awful lot like a person would if they were wearing a bear suit.

My organizing comrades are making a good case for bears being cryptids

I have officially reached the stage of "fuck it, I don't care if i have three days of stubble, I'm wearing the dress"

The plural of tit is tat

So when you think about it tit for tat is a pretty good deal

I'm a messy bitch who lives

That's it. That's the end of the sentence.

Every once in a while I remember that Stanislaw Lem was a huge fan of Phillip K Dick and wrote him letters, but PKD was in the middle of a paranoid episode and sent all the letters to the FBI, and I get a little sad about how they never got to be friends.

If you are a musician and you ever think of writing a [...] song, please reconsider

There are only two bisexuals. Its in the name.

Yanking off my boobs and slapping someone before casually putting them back on

American Spouse, American House (stolen)

Honestly my favourite thing about Jewish activists is that protests are covered by pikuach nefesh

Food, szechuan cooking 

I do get a little frustrated by the "it's not fire, it's capitalism" takes because it is in fact also a fire

Is it possible to have your own ringtone if you are't a boy? Asking for a friend.

Everyone agreed that the Tim Burton live action remake of the Disney classic HIMBO was altogether too uncanny. Nobody actually wanted to see an elephant that hot.

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