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Hey folks! I've set up a society6 storefront to sell prints of my work. Check it out!

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you can't organise around despair, because despair is the idea that action is useless

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Trans thoughts, on certainty 

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I call this meeting of The Best Friends Communist Front to order

So my stuff is definitely marked up higher than most other artists on the site, because I would like to get paid fairly for my art. We'll see if it sells. If not, I'll be moving to a fine art focused site like Saatchi which means that my prints will go up in price overall, but I get a bigger cut.

Fun things I learned about pricing art on print-on-demand sites like society6: I don't get to choose whether my work is discounted, and discounts come directly out of my cut. Also the website starts you with a pitifully small markup, so that at best your earning a couple of dollars per sale (the suggested markup for the 13x17 print is 9% over the base price $21.99, which would net you a whole $1.90).

That works if you're the one benefiting from an economy of scale, but very few artists are going to be selling enough to make that worthwhile. But you know who *does* benefit from an economy of scale? Society6, because they get a cut from every single sale. By undercutting the market, society6 benefits from high volumes of sales while the artists make a pittance.

It'll be going up with the next batch in a month or so. The originals are large enough that they can't be scanned, so I have a friend who helps me with the document photography, and I try to bunch them together so that we can do them in batches.

Here's my most recent piece, not yet up on the storefront.

@Bashabez I finally got my raven paintings photographed and on a printmaking site!

Hey folks! I've set up a society6 storefront to sell prints of my work. Check it out!

I really wish I could just shout "Juniper makeup!" to instantly get dressed and put makeup on in the morning

This might be my favourite cover of a song ever

(music actually starts at 1:09)

In fact, don't read any philosopher whose last name starts with H

My advice on philosophy: you just don't have to read Hegel or Heidegger.

Alternatively I need someone to make me dinner so that I can continue to incubate this cat

I need someone to come over here and sit down on the couch so that I can transfer the cat to their lap and go make dinner

Introducing America's new hit gameshow:

Would *YOU* date a communist?

Coming soon to NBC

RPG nonsense, Monsterhearts 2 

RPG nonsense, Monsterhearts 2 

RPG nonsense 

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