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Trans thoughts, on certainty 

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I call this meeting of The Best Friends Communist Front to order

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A joke given in the form of a logical argument is called a sillygism

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Me, reciting silently to myself as I place my hand in the black box, the gom jabbar poised at my neck: If you're a girl online you're a girl in real life...

I think that on balance the internet has been a net negative in my life

The best social media web site is actually ravelry dot com


Behold: here stands before you the Bringer of Life and the Augyr of Death

Language is not the precondition of consciousness, it is a function of being social animals.

Why are people going to the joker movie? Its like, don't click on the clickbait, don't go to the reactionary movie.

Free speech as it has developed in the United States is the idea that expression is in itself an ethical good, and that what is expressed is an ethical indifferent.

If you can't see what's wrong with that, please reply below

I'm honestly never more embarrassed and ashamed of myself than when I talk about philosophy

Respect, tbh. Have *you* founded a religious order around your wet dreams?

Lady saints be like: I must found a religious order to discern the mysteries of my wet dreams

Settled on four dress designs for upcoming wardrobe expansion operation.

Yes every single one has pockets

I love writing letters though. There's really no other form of communication that so fully accommodates the life of the mind.

If your answer when someone asks you "so...what's up?" is "well, I read some things and thought about some things", consider Writing Letters!

I just wrote a letter to a friend and my first impulse was to text them to say "hey I just wrote you a letter!"

Sewing for a future when all women have pockets and I don't have to choose between "being warm" and "being read as a woman"

I want a larger and even more horrible canada goose game

*when there's a whole term missing from your logical argument* syllogism much?

As we all know, and as was put down by the great wizard Emirta of Tem, what we call wizardry or the sorcerous arts is in fact the manipulation of fickle and fractious plasmic entities. The more powerful a wizard gets the more they replace parts of their body and psyche with their inhuman plasmic equivalents, which means that eventually I shall replace my human gender with a plasmic gender

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