be the boys you want to see back in town

@triz I thought the whole point is that the boys caused trouble when they were back in town?

@triz if you love the boys set them free. If they come back to town, then they're yours.

@WagonStar boys are back in town once, shame on you. teach the boys to be back in town and they'll be back in town for the rest of their lives

@triz a boy in the town is worth ten in the Lizzy's

@ipslfn @triz oh shoot bc I boosted this here are the captions:

A dril post saying : it's fucked up how there are like 1000 christmas songs but only one song aboutr the boys being back in town

@ipslfn @triz You're fine, I forget all the time (see above)!

@WagonStar "if you love the boys, set them free. if the boys wanna fight, you better let 'em"

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