the vaping ban rules because people will quit looking like dweebs

@j997922 if i had a dollar for every time i was in the back of a datsun on the way to help a guy move into a three quarter house and some dude told me about the voltage of his rig i would have more money than i'd like to admit

@j997922 this post has @tasnyx energy but kai would've for sure lunched it up more

@triz @j997922 thank you so much this is incredibly good because i have also been told about many vape rigs in my life and honestly i think vaping needs to be nationalized so it stops being cool to anyone and everyone has the same vape

@tasnyx @triz @j997922 thatll just incentivize the diy community and youll hear a much longer spiel with mystical words like "mosfet" "dna200" and "vapedaddy"

@chillallmen @triz @j997922 yes but a major part of this plan is that the incarceral state will be reformed to only put people in jail who are making vape rigs illegally

@chillallmen @tasnyx @j997922 and i will continue to not fuck those people and i hope you all do the same

@triz @tasnyx @j997922 i got my boyfriend into vaping but its more a get off smoking thing than anything else

@triz @tasnyx @j997922 works for me, i have a simple lil thing that vapes the nic salt stuff n the only time i crave a smoke is when ive been drinking

@chillallmen @triz @j997922 im fine with people doing it for that, switching to vaping helped my dad a lot, i just think the culture is so stupid and very like diy tech shit which always just has the dumbest obsessions and ways of speaking about things. i just wish people could not make things you only do that make your life easier weird hobbies

@chillallmen @triz @j997922 honestly i probably should eventually do it but like im dumb about it

@tasnyx @triz @j997922 im into a bit of diy and its those weirdos that eventually make life easier, either that or its someones shitty ass job

@chillallmen @triz @j997922 yeah i build pcs and shit so i do appreciate people who know things i dont, but so many of those diy dudes are up their asses about knowing things you dont and are just weird about it in ways that make you realize they get off on being thought of as the genius about something

@tasnyx @triz @j997922 yeah but those guys are everywhere, the git gudders in gaming, the fucking vague "read theory" jockstrap sniffing leftists, that fucking guy who's into [genre] from [place] and looks down on your tastes

@chillallmen sure, but i can still think they're fucking dumbasses just cause they exist in every field

@tasnyx true but if u let gatekeepers discourage you theyve done their job innit

@tasnyx though the obnoxious vape lads tend to be more visible cause filling a room with ur second hand breath tends to be noticable

@chillallmen yeah it is a pretty wholly dumb sub culture so it inspires some real mouth breathers

@chillallmen they're not discouraging me from anything, i just hate dealing with those type of people and actively am not going to do anything where i directly have to interact with people that annoy me, trust me if diy dudes with shitty opinions didnt discourage me being on fucking tech forums in the early 2010's building my first pc they wont now i just dont have the patience for anyone who thinks they're a genius about something

@triz this is so specific i cannot imagine it being false. i’m sorry triz

@triz At least I won't have to keep telling people to stop burning peach mint chocolate flavored grease on the light rail.

@triz the vaping ban is the only thing that might make vaping seem cool

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