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@redcosmonaut hooking electrodes from my chest to a vibraphone but it just keeps playing the m*a*s*h theme song

crying every time is named for me, trixie, because im girl

@​em haha bart say the lords prayer before you eat

people think about how curvy my wife is

one time i was going down to the link station and they took all the stairs off the escalator

the second best neilcic songs are the ones where it seems like its the regular song but as it goes on it gets more and more fucked

the best neil cicierega songs are ones where on the surface it should be a horrifying amalgamation of 9 different songs, the mario paint sound font, and thirteen ripped samples but instead it all melds into a song that is unironically a bop

Felix biderman voice 

when my first child was born, so was i. i became... faster, in a way. like i could move in a blink, but only for small steps.
i could leap to catch something across the room in an instant. i never thought of it beyond reflex until i stepped to catch a bottle behind the couch, and found myself there without leaping over.
and so my child grew and matured until finally on that fateful day, fourteen years on, when my child shouted.
"it's not a phase, mom!"
"no," i replied, "i am the phase mom."

Pinterest is Tumblr and Instagram is Tumblr and Twitter is Tumblr and youtube is Reddit now

a twitter thread is the written equivalent of a michael bay film: each statement is carefully constructed for maximum impact, which means that no statement has any impact at all, the effect is just exhaustion

@triz perhaps a little deception is necessary before we unravel into our true selves in these trying times

@triz I never did an intro post because I want people to experience the terror firsthand

@triz piss wizard is a cocoon we can all be comfortable in, as we prepare our wings

@triz it's extremely fortunate the dmv was basically completely empty except for me or this probably would have happened

display name, day one of mastodon: Steven the Archaeologist

day 31: the piss wizard

day 365: steve

i love people who write big effortposty introductions with like "hoping to use this account to find other lojban speakers, ex-presbyterians and arcane archaeologists! πŸ˜‹" and then a month later they're just posting pee pee poo poo like the rest of us

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