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taking the cloth square out of my back pocket at sundown and properly folding it for storage in full accordance with the united states hankie code

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@007 Ha Ha! What a great post! Thanks for sharing this on my TL (time line) ...


Sticky toot hooking electrodes from my chest to a vibraphone but it just keeps playing the m*a*s*h theme song


how many burgers because I've had more than a few and I'm not hot yet

therefore burgers make you hot. this post brought to you by dicks

driving up to the drive through with a stack of burger king burgers and asking what the exchange rate is, distracting them while my burgerlar friend sneaks 200 patties up hiss ass to get them through customs

i will never apologize for stealing ketchup packets from burger king and dry jacking it like god has died and went to hell

@kittybecca i know you think you can subtoot me into unstanning the Burger King king but you cant

please, the burger king was my father. call me grilliam.

burger place installing a patio in time for fall...

if I was a water bender I would suck water up dickhole

long time no see for mastodon. team) is over and It's a New year.
But I don't forget a special time !!
May my friends "KNZK GANG" be happy again this year XD

anime fans are gnar and thats why they keep saying "subs not tubs"

broke the mirror on the ceiling above my bed and now i'm cursed to seven queers' bad fuck

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