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taking the cloth square out of my back pocket at sundown and properly folding it for storage in full accordance with the united states hankie code

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@007 Ha Ha! What a great post! Thanks for sharing this on my TL (time line) ...


Sticky toot hooking electrodes from my chest to a vibraphone but it just keeps playing the m*a*s*h theme song

injury, gore, surgery, whalewatching (end) 

@triz I've said this under my breath while waiting for the bus before, for context

injury, gore, surgery, whalewatching (end) 

@triz triz, I want you to know that I still say "sounds like the orca deck to me" in a goofy doctor voice to myself sometimes

during drinks training today the guy tried unsuccessfully to assemble a cocktail shaker and called out "they're both bottoms!" and I had to restrain myself from laughing

still thinking about the time my friend won a short story contest sponsored by a goth boutique and one of the prizes was a case of vampire blood brand energy drink and they just, didn't give it to them

two axis chart: haha vs hell and yeah vs no

some of y'all are like "please cw all posts about politics" and i'm just like

some of you need less property brothers and more properly brothers (the brothers who teach you good manners)

parasocial relationships? that's fine for you but i got way more than two friends

when a social group splinters apart over arguments about the relative merits and attractiveness of food writers? that's an mfk fissure

early to bed and early to fries makes a man healthy wealthy and fries

cern spending billions of dollars to find the higgs boson and i can't even get a biggus bosom. fucked up if you ask me

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