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taking the cloth square out of my back pocket at sundown and properly folding it for storage in full accordance with the united states hankie code

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@007 Ha Ha! What a great post! Thanks for sharing this on my TL (time line) ...


Sticky toot hooking electrodes from my chest to a vibraphone but it just keeps playing the m*a*s*h theme song

me, great at pickup lines: hey, that lipstick looks great on you. it'd look even better on me.

b-by way of kissing. cause..well, yeah. you, you get it

Comedy under quarantine is awful, it's all inside jokes.

jk she's probably sleeping or working. i got spoiled with attention while she was unemployed. valid too be busy

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if i were eleanor i would simply check my text messages and pay attention to my gfffff

when you're too far away from other trans folks that's gender diasphoria

piss in one boot, shit in the other, and tell me it's raining

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don't piss in my hand and tell me it's my boots

oh yeah you're a dad huh? how many confirmed grills you got

throwing a couple of slices in the warming oven while the line cook rocks a piss and patting myself on the back for queering the foh/boh binary

since all my notifications got deleted i need new notifications, thanks

re: injury, gore, surgery, whalewatching (end) 

injury, gore, surgery, whalewatching (end) 

I like that triz logged on to both her accounts to like my toot cause it was that good :3

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