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taking the cloth square out of my back pocket at sundown and properly folding it for storage in full accordance with the united states hankie code

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@007 Ha Ha! What a great post! Thanks for sharing this on my TL (time line) ...


'A Roman Catholic church in rural Louisiana has come up with a way to maximize its blessings: filling up a crop-duster plane full of holy water and misting the entire community.

"We can bless more area in a shorter amount of time," said one reverend. '

uh huh sure

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swedish being a chain of hospitals and clinics here

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my sister seems to honestly believe that sending me a screenshot of a cell phone google search for "geriatric doctor swedish" counts as doing her share of research. she is a whole ass 49 years old

cern spending billions of dollars to find the higgs boson and i can't even get a biggus bosom. fucked up if you ask me

early to bed and early to fries makes a man healthy wealthy and fries

calling all posts, instances, and people i follow "mastodons" now like a boomer

okay i have now put this avi on all my alts (except *that* one lol) so you'll always know it's me. for better or worse

the thing i learned from my first week on tinder (as tricia) is that i am by far the most popular with trans girls who look startlingly like me. like i've gotten multiple messages from girls who, if they wore my clothes and makeup, could probably briefly fool the casual observer

got packets of cheese from the pizza place. jean parmesan


it's better to ask for four guinness than to ask for persimmons. fuck idk

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these days, apps are all about asking permissions

and i'm like, what ever happened to persimmons?

if i know you i WILL swipe right and if you match w/ me i WILL say hey and catch up. in 2020 i am being outgoing and shameless

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now that i got getting railed out of the way, it's time to use tinder for its true purpose: saying hi to friends yesterday I saw an ad someone posted online for "reverse financed internship"

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