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taking the cloth square out of my back pocket at sundown and properly folding it for storage in full accordance with the united states hankie code

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@007 Ha Ha! What a great post! Thanks for sharing this on my TL (time line) ...


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@redcosmonaut hooking electrodes from my chest to a vibraphone but it just keeps playing the m*a*s*h theme song

i just found this utterly bizarre fanfic someone wrote about an epic bad ass south korean soldier who goes around killing communists in world war 3 and he's helped by preschool girls??? what in the world when-the-cold-breeze-blows-awa

here’s the fucked up part. you are going to live through a startup being named glomp. glomp is gonna have a fucking ipo. their nasdaq will be like OWO or some shit

@wintgenstein joe pesci's "you think i'm funny" bit from goodfellas but it's "you think you're funny" and directed at louis ck and also not a joke

joe pesci's recent advice to louis c.k.: stop doing stand-up. you're not funny.
get his ass!!! 👏 👏 👏

i got skunk in the trunk (my farts are so powerful you'll need to bathe in tomato juice)

@triz @larrydavis Trish, thank you for protecting the good name of Social Skeleton's BOPPIN POPPIN DROPPIN BOOTY


@triz @socialskeleton @larrydavis don't ever suggest that he is big booty poppin daddy poppin everywhere

@larrydavis I would beseech you to please never call me, the Social Skeleton, THE BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY WITH THE BADDY BOOTY.

interacting with cute baristas is objectively impossible, science has proven it

my kid, launching a rocket with a plane strapped to the end of it into orbit in kerbal: "i'm going 100 jesus"

alright which one of you fuckers am i playing destiny with rn

people are always on about Georges Seurat and Paul Signac's work, but i never really saw the point 🤷‍♀️

people are always like "blah blah tacit programming blah blah" but honestly i never really saw the point 🤷‍♀️

Georges Seurat and Paul Signac always on their blotchy impressionist bullshit but i..... iunno, i never really saw the point 🤷‍♀️

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