Chef Wolf Gangpuck (change the p to an f to reveal the joke)

The deeper into the web you go, the more anime you find. The very depths of anime.

Last night at D&D the session ended with a funeral for my dwarven fighter/barbarian and the DM put on that one Boyz II Men song and everyone just fuckin lost their minds

Make a movie called Zuck Rogers where Zuckerberg gets shot up into space, shoot it out in actual space with the real Zuckerberg, then just like, leave him up there. Don't let him come back.

Can't wait for the Lord of the Rings trilogy to be rebooted in 2024 so we can watch Gandalf vape

@garfiald I made this a long time ago, but just came across it again

I’d say to let Bryan Fuller do Watchmen, but he’d probably do the right thing and turn it down

Showing up in Duckberg with a truckload of bread, using tiny torn-off bits of it to tempt and manipulate high-ranking citizens. Soon I rule all with an iron fist.

making one of those flash games from 2006 where you beat up George Bush but with bezos instead

On this fine I suggest you soothe your mind with the exquisitely rich and flavorful toots of these distinguished individuals:




Anxiously looking forward to the day we elect our first juggalo president

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How many ways can we try to monetize people playing video games? Friends, I humbly propose there are opportunities yet to be explored. Introducing...

"Video Game Marriage"

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