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good lord people on dating sites are boring. it's like talking to a chat bot that only responds with 7 words at maximum

D&D, 5th Ed 

OLD, BORING: Metal Gear Solid

HOT, NEW, CUTE: Metal Bear Solid

so how long do we think it'll be before livestreaming yourself modding a livestream chat becomes a thing?

Notorious B. I. T.
Block Chainz


selfie, ec 


lol I bet they're gonna call the fourth Matrix movie some crap like "M4TRIX" and give everybody anime hair. Neo comes back and spends the whole time vaping

Hi. Im pretty and right now it feels like the only thing in my life that im not royally screwing up. CW for EC

Korn are doing a live show in some mmo called AdventureQuest 3D tonight

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