You're a bot that posts prime numbers and that's valid and I love you

I propose we simply change today to "Anonymous Valentine's Day"

Your clown outfit is brighter and sexier than mine, and instead of being jealous I love you for it.

Wayne's World, but with Wayne and Squirrelly Dan from Letterkenny

the fediverse is the great great great great great grandnetwork of the federation from star trek. you can tell because everyone has weird-ass alien names.

sign my petition to make all members of the US congress stand on the roof of the capitol building and "Do The Bartman"

my ass is very large and stupid, therefore qualifying me for the classic title of "big dumbass"

*giant douchebag nerd voice*

ACTUALLY, the Wars are between a bunch of people and a big space station, not an actual Star.

Societys gone down ever since we started using guns instead of swords as our main weapon

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my followers,,,, re-tooting me,,, their unleashing my TRUE POTENTIOL,,,

@tjmuessig forgot my penny one time and played it off like I meant to

Minions are mutant Simpsons and if you doubt this, you are a fool.

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