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Hey remember Quizno's? Yeah not bad sandwiches. Started the whole "toasted subs" phenomenon. Too bad they all died in that sandwich oven massacre.

A Finely Crafted Lewd Toot 

going on nextdoor is like going to the boomer zoo. look at the funny olds, see how they talk to each other.

Hey comrades, come on over to White Castles to learn all the latest smoke break lifehacks

If I were my code I would simply not have any bugs in me.

The 'H' in β€œTankie” stands for β€œHuman Rights”

I feel like there's something really fitting about the entire media aesthetic of the 21st century being turned into "edgy clowns destroy everything."

Why is Jim Carrey doing ahegao in the poster for A Christmas Carol?

lewd, also a bad Donkey Kong Country joke 

Jeoffpardy, Jeopardy for guys with dumb spellings of Jeff for a name only

Excited that I get to see both Salt n' Pepa and Red Hot Chili Peppers at the upcoming Condiment Fest

pretty darn lewd 

Golf is called that because that's the sound you make when one of the balls hits you right in the nards

my favorite spiderman villain 

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