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YOU: It's unfair that the studio that fixed the Sonic movie all got fired.

ME: They were the unlucky flesh offered up to the Blue God, that He might make execs great sums of money as He devours all.

Gamers have taken the UK. I repeat, gamers have taken the UK. Regroup at the English Channel and await instructions for counter-attack.

girl is a recursive backcronym for "GIRL in real life"

in france they refer to an orgasm as 'le petit mort' which translates literally "thanks i cumed my pants"

Or, if one prefers, The Jorker (Jorts Joker)

Mastodon was developed entirely by people wearing jorts. "Fetch me my programming jorts" they would say.

Just now dawning on me that Old Yoda might have possibly fucked. I am not in the right headspace for this currently.

When I was a kid I loved Dr. Wright from SNES Sim City and I would draw him in my school notebooks. That's as cool as I have ever been and the bar has only gone lower since.

Planning on raising my kids by living with them in my car and never talking to them unless absolutely necessary. I call it Mandalorian Parenting

The Nick Cannon, a cannon that fires only Nicks

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