if god loved me he’d let me dress like the tang dynasty every day

"I shouldn't be feeling this" is always completely the wrong foot to start off on because, like, whether or not you *should* be feeling this, you are? it's not optional? there's no key to turn it off, not really, you can only ignore it (where it will continue to affect you without your awareness).

try this: "I am feeling this. What now?"

your body, and its permeable boundary with your environment, and the information/rewards/experiences it offers you irrepressibly with no conscious prompting, are a gift. sometimes that goes wrong- you experience pain you cannot stop, or you do something you regret. but it's also behind everything that feels good and right, and you have to listen to it or your stubborn disembodiment will make you miserable

Life is searching for things you are willing to get aggressive over

There are desires in my brain that require 4 layers of cw to toot

A teardrop tattoo on your sternum means your boobs have killed a man

robert pattinson is a sweet and talented actor and i honestly really love him and hope he does well. as someone who has experience with bdd, i know how difficult it can be to assume such a vulnerable place and honestly i think all the hate directed at him is unfair

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*very small voice* whatchu mean you don't know

power move: putting my butch selfies on grinder “Masc4masc”

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gf and her gf found pre-toasted bread for sale? chaotic energy.

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