boost this post and I will start a dangerous rumor about you

@remulacfrommars you're trying to bring back scurvy in a real way and it's terrifying

@requrious you're a landlord trying to weaponize my use of the phrase "short king"

@wintgenstein you're ornery in a way we frankly aren't and can't be ready for

@half_rat you are trying to harness more spirit orb energy than you truly need and you know that's not praxis you a freak for this one 😂😂😂

@truckfreak your sn is "truckfreak" because you couldn't muster making it "truckfuck"

@007 i saw you trying to commit clout fraud and frankly it's gross

@fortunos the rat in your avatar is fake. not real. computer rodent

@SanfordianPhil you are using your power for good when you could be doing bad ass evil shit

@stolas you aren't holding up a peace sign in your avi, you're saying "two"

@malkosh the lil creature in ur avi isn't sleeping in a bed that's just their body

@Quixote171 you are trying to attack windmills but it's not an error you actually hate windmills

@Pixley you are uploading forbidden women's garden club cookbooks from the 1800's to the secret internet archive on the deep web

@selontheweb you are capable of being ornery as all get out. you're ornery for THIS one

@restioson you avi's colors are inverted, because you are really in hell

@johnfreeman you have no idea what your username or avi are referencing and you're just hoping no one asks you about it

@horrowfide your masto banner is a live feed of an operation you're running and it's really disgusting of you

@thubish lmao it’s a joy mutant mask from my fave game, LISA the painful !

@thubish i uh *flop sweats, shuffles nervously * have no idea no e a r t h l y idea what you could mean *chuckles loudly then abruptly stops*

@thubish Dangerous rumor about me: I can't remember how many fedi accounts I have and I think they're acting on their own accord now.

@thubish I did but she stays in hell (a double agent) so that was when I was visiting

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