*to the tune of old macdonald* barack obama web site com, e i e i mail

"What's wrong, officer," Sonic flexed, "can't a guy get Yolked"

My message to the Obama administration? "DOKI DOKI".... barack? U know what I'm talking about 😘

*uncovers a secret government effort to stifle the release of "Mario 2"* ....woah

blast that mf boosty button to make some other poor sap read this sentence

Lauren Poitras finishes downloading the presentations that CITIZENFOUR has securely sent.

With trembling fingers, she opens the first presentation in the folder on an airgapped Macbook Air.

ah mulvey my camera is all borked up


i guess i’ll have to film the rest on my smarts-phone...

EDWARD SNOWDEN makes the dreamworks face

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Blessed to use my powers for evil πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—

the larger the joke you tell the funnier it is

I used to play your games
all the time as a kid!

Games?? What game??

You know... video games?

What’s a video game

Hey team,

Thanks for sharing! I think it’s a pretty good pass of what our final Sonic teaser poster should look like (!!), but I have some notes.

β€” Can we get less under-thigh lighting? Kind of distracting (inappropriate for kids?)

β€” Entire legs situation is questionable

β€” Color is good

β€” Why is he built like a fuckin BRICK HOUSE tho. Why hasn’t he turned down a bowl of OATS in his life

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