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@thubish It’s like watching an anime but the anime is a raccoon and it’s nothing like anime

@thubish I never saw this version but the Japanese commentary makes it way better than the version I saw

twinks dissolve in water, just like cotton candy

these days you can get 499 of almost anything

everybody has different opinions on the texture of the default blender cube

@thubish i remain on it *you see a paw print of dirt on my face*

the best part about eating the 3d default blender cube isn't tasting it. it's chewing it all up

fruit opinions 

fruit, medical implement 

we grind to have a house that looks and smells like shit. we work all day and night to keep the dishes in the fucking sink and some pet hair on the hardwood floor. you know you wanna sleep on our couch with no blanket and a shitty square pillow

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