the longer I spend in (white-dominated) leftist spaces, the more I'm convinced we'll never have working-class solidarity.

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by maybe, I mean definitely, by Just a thought, just a little idea, I mean JFC I can't believe people think they're contributing to the movement by pirating the work of living Black authors, who already earn less than their white counterparts in publishing

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hm. maybe we should be paying Black authors for their work. Just a thought, just a little idea.

zoom meeting interior decoration tip: if you don't have a green screen to throw up an automatic background, aim the camera so it crops out the nerdy shit and so your coworkers can't get a bead on your personal interests

(denied access. we are not even level 2 friends, much less the level 1 required to know things about me, like how many fucking zelda figurines I have)

less 'social' media, more microblogging into the void

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