is radtown still running? will this post, you know, post?

i think i'm gonna just make @tansyfeuilles my main, for now at least

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A mycelium craftsman scolds his apprentice for neglecting to properly dry out a piece of grown furniture resulting in a growth of mushrooms. In suburbs and cities where more organic waste was created than could be feasibly composted, mycelium was used to turn rubbish into insulative bricks and lightweight furniture, among other things. #inktober2020 #solarpunk #mastoart

also, why send your kid to college if you're just going to repeat your utter disappointment in their field of study before, during, and after they're at university?

that's a particularly expensive way to set your kid up to feel bad about themselves and strain the relationship between you

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it confuses the hell out of me that my dad mocks me constantly for reading literature from antiquity even though his wife studied Shakespeare before she changed her area of study. FURTHERMORE i don't understand why he insists on purchasing a book (of his choice) for me every year, only to be disappointed when i've already read it, despite my sending him a meticulous list of books i'm dying to read. because the giving of a book matters a lot to him!
FINALLY he treats me constantly like i'm a gay man when i talk about translations of greek literature, which is more effort than simply disrespecting me as an 'arts-type' academic woman! a category to which his wife belongs, and he constantly disrespects academic women AND his wife!

why are you doing homophobia at me, dad, when you could do misogyny and save yourself effort?

our roommate is moving out and i finally feel like i can clean out this dang mess of a place

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(R, G, B): (0.516, 0.298, 0.424)
Polish type: metallic
Percent full: 76.5

my laptop doesn't connect to the internet and it is slowing down my progress on the One True Zine


straight people still think we're pedophiles tbh, especially christians, I'd say a good 60% of people i come out to who aren't familiar with LGBTQ+ stuff immediately respond by saying 'I'm okay with whatever you do, *as long as you're not hurting anybody* I don't see anything wrong with being gay'

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next coworker to comment on my carb-heavy dietary choices, and 'how are you so slim!?' is gonna hear about extensive diarrhea as my constant companion.

i need to write a thing at some point about being afab enby and not feeling good At All about girl-lite enby sexlessness

the gist is that i'm far more Tom of Finland than Lesbian Experience With Loneliness and that does not seem to be a welcome way of being, at least online.

i am so mad that my new sketchbook doesn't hold ink properly

16 dollars i could have spent on candy

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abortion, medical, bigotry 

my anti-choice coworker wants to be moved from his station at the hospital because it's too distressing for him to have to see patients walking by on their way to get abortions. literally our only interaction with them is to tell them to sanitize and give them directions and this guy is like 'it's just... well, i have beliefs...'

must be fuckin heartrending for you buddy


a c t u a l l y it's useful to me to consider myself not as afab and deviating but instead as forcefemmed from birth and getting away from living in an abuser's world

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