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'why did that man respond to me with rage and condescension?'
looks in the mirror

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when i redye my hair i am suddenly reminded that for a subset of men, 'alt' colours (and glasses) mean a woman is unsexy, therefore a bitch

purchasing sonic adventure 2 so i can raise baby chao has been more fulfilling than some of my romantic relationships

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"but if there's no universal female experience, how can anyone claim they're a woman??" idk susan the same way anyone can say they're in love or having any other experience commonly regarded as different for everyone? it's not that hard susan.

my dude coworker likes to shout over patients and tell THEM what they know, then gets confused when they keep asking questions or get agitated

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I bouhgt a Huawei phone amd I whisper American state secrets into its microphonw all day--its called proletarian internatoinalism bb

joke body horror 

the horrible takes bot is excellent but i just saw an free-range, human-generated take that caused me to spontaneously rupture every blood vessel in both eyes

don't yell at me, i think masks are good: 

but having an outward sign of compliance to a norm (especially one causing a lot of immediate stress) is not doing any good for self-deputizing citizen police who want to enforce norms without analyzing them

'let's teach our kids to ask why strangers aren't wearing masks' has implications on how they live the rest of their lives in public

> be me
> work in a hospital with lots of seniors and hard of hearing folks
> comply with distancing rules, have lots of ventilation
> take the risk of not wearing a mask so people can read my lips and they don't have to come closer
> get yelled at by a furious boomer for not wearing a mask

oof it has been a minute since i've been subjected to baby boomer customer service rage

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pol, Bolivia, Elon Musk 

now that Musk’s "we will coup whoever we want" tweet is back in the discourse for rightful mockery, one thing that strikes me is that he's responding to a tweet about "the U.S. govt organizing a coup", and he answers with "we".

Musk is not in the U.S. govt, & he is originally South African. but he didn't think twice in attributing coups to "we".

because the instigator is not exactly the U.S., or the govt; but the owner class. "we" here means owners of capital.

my bosses, those fools, have given me items to distribute without requiring me to itemize their inventory and distribution. which means the items are mine.

yes, they're children's stickers, but they're MY children's stickers

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I'm almost 28 and I've never had a full time, not-temporary, benefits-included job in my fucking life.
boost if same.

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every straight man lives in constant fear that if anything ever touches their butthole, even the briefest most accidental graze, they will experience such cosmic, world-shattering ecstasy that it will immediately and irrevocably turn them gay

fucking LOVE to be told i'm the unforgiving one after years of listening to the most heinous homophobic bullshit from my own family while closeted

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