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There's an entire wiki dedicated to 'explaining errors in star trek' :blobaww:

I don't actually use gogoduck I just use it as a default search engine so I can write !g, !gi, !w, !yt !wolf and !steam etc. 👀

wondering why my fries aren't as good as the place I used to eat them as then remembering they make probably hundreds of batches of fries per day.

disposable freezer defrosting water-absorbers. idk how to phrase it. soaks up the water then you throw 'em out. Not greatest for enviroment but if you're disabled it might be only way for you to manage to take care of your freezer. :blobcatmeltthumb:

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Did you know: you can buy disposable freezer defrosting water absorbers and just put them at the bottom of your freezer.

very useful for us spoonies.

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Glad to see non-swedes join in the online tradition of bulling the swedish christmas (straw) goat with images of fire. (there used to be an unofficial and illegal traditional attempt to burn it down. (It's, conveniently and perhaps reasonably, placed where a giant straw construct catching fire wouldn't endanger anything\anyone)

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Recycling tip: Do you have a glass jar you want to reuse, but the labels are held down with that sticky kind of glue which doesn’t come off, no matter how long you soak it for? Try this.

Soak it enough that you can scratch away the paper labels and leave only the glue on the jar. Take a cloth dipped in cooking oil, press it firmly to the glue, and rub it in small circular motions. The oil should loosen the glue enough that the cloth will wipe it all away. It tastes a few minutes, so be persistent.

Then wash and dry the jar with soap, and now you have a clean, reusable jar!

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Have you ever made a profile picture with a pride flag background? Have you ever uploaded it to a platform which crops it to a circle? Have you ever been annoyed and frustrated that the top and bottom stripes have more surface area than the other stripes, because they get the entire top and bottom edge of the circle to themselves?

Fear not!

For pride flags with 5 stripes, I have discovered a very simple ratio for the stripes that means they will all have the same area when cropped to a circle. This ratio is 2:4:5:4:2.

Observe: (thread)
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I'm still trying to raise the money to move
We've managed to stop it from being an emergency last minute eviction move thru the courts but we still need to be out by end of Dec
All the money we'd raised has been chipped away by stupid emergencies like power shut offs and car break downs

Sorry I'm a mess and annoying AF with doing these all the time but..

Please if you could help and boost or cross post? 🖤 💖$luxotek

me, seeing any picture of someones cat: What A Good Cat

@Manurweibling Ooh I didnt know that either, but it makes perfect sense!

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@tan I intuitively apologize to cats a lot, but I didn't realize for the longest time that cats can be told that something hurts and if you act hurt, retreat, and are consistent about it they'll adjust their behavior

@Manurweibling like that link most of what I've heard about it is in the context of "I accidentally stepped on my cats tail" or things like that. And I think when they're kittens they sometimes unintentionally mess\harm eachother and then apologize, and that sticks around.

... I wish I'd known all this when I had a cat.

@Manurweibling If you'e actually wondering, I remember reading\hearing that cats understand cuddling\petting in apology or to show something wasnt meant to be bad for them (I think) since that's part of their normal social protocols\behaviours.

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Anyone else HATE self-driving road cars?

Like, they're struggling to figure out road condition signalling, lane keeping, automated clearance - all problems trains have had solved for decades if not centuries.

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