the thing about floorbeds is you can still make them comfy as FUCK with extra pillows

if anyone ever tries to dissuade you from futons bc “floor hard” just know that you can always get a fucking body pillow for side sleeping

i feel POWERFUL for being able to put away my bed without it being like, a murphy bed

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@soft I'm also *90%* sure that in Japan they use them on either floors that they're supposed to go with or frames\whatever if the floor is impractical. I have read about the frames\platforms and needing to pick the right one at one point!

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long futon post 


tatami floors are supposed to have a little bit of a spring-y give to them, so they definitely are supposed to give your futon a little bit more bounce than a hard wood floor would

but tbh i’m pretty sure frames and kind of floor are all up to preference! i was watching a kdrama with my bf the other night and there was a char with a traditional futon on hard wood floor

you can always put a smaller pad under it for airflow/cushion too. like one of those folding cushions

long futon post 

@soft Ooh, nice! I've always wanted to try a futon.

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