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My Computer is dead. I had to spend loooot of unexpected money for that because it's my principle work tool.
As I need money af, I ask you to make me commissions that I will be able to honor when I'll get my new PC
My portfolio: amejisuto7.artstation.com

Please share, I need to work and make money!

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unfortunately for ayn rand I maximize my individual, selfish pleasure by living under communism

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money beg, boosts appreciated 

I hate that I have to do this again but uh, I'm short on rent/other costs

I have 0 income right now and I can't get unemployment or anything so, y'know if you can swing me anything thank you a ton.


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nonono, gregor samsa is the name of the MONSTER

me: takes off my glasses
my brain: your eyes are strained, this means you want to cry, which means you're sad
me: what the

365 people per year do NOT turn into bugs, samsa greg is an abberation and turns into a bug every day and should not be counted

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Asking for money help, boosts appreciated 

hey guys, i hate to do this again but it looks like i'm still having some issues getting LWA. I applied but it hasn't come through yet, and CO is only allowed to pay 5 weeks worth. My dog needs his rabies and distemper booster in the next 2 weeks, and i also need to get us groceries

in total, i need about $300

my commissions are open, otherwise you can help by sending money to:

CashApp: $RottenMutt

Venmo: MuttMusk

Paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

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Like you just got everyone to stop using the same password everywhere because of... breaches

Now you want every single fucking site to have my phone number because of "security"

maybe fuck off? maybe admit that phone number 2FA is fucking bad from the get-go and 2FA as a concept is useful for specific applications but also that locking the user out if their phone is broken is a bad concept?
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If you bully others because they have a different mental model of identity from you, fuck you.

If you think you're cool and edgy because you make fun of other folks' selves, fuck you.

Different folks are different, you are not the arbiter of what identities are allowed to exist, and if you don't understand someone your first response should be curiosity not disdain.

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If anyone knows anyone who has a room to rent for cheap or needs a place house-sat come November for a few months, I'm interested. Warm climes preferred, open to work trades. I just need internet and a place to work on a laptop part time. Not expecting anyone to have a lead but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I have a valid driver's license, love animals, love cooking, and have a lot of random skills.

LB: Appearently she cited trans scholars but they edited that out? oof

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Watching 80s comedy and being just absolutely disgusted by the protagonists

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