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whenever i try to compose music it just comes out like that one sonic game where they lost all the music and had to remake it one day before release youtube.com/watch?v=6o47N-aYd0

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Leftpol State Of Affairs, Birdsite Reference 

I often include info in captions giving context, that I don't do in the posts. 🤔

anyway this thought started with my brain going "extradimensional aliens but they're not evil or mysteriously benevoent they're just harmlessly rowdy and mysterious"

sorry im going through a lot of my pictures

like the whole "the house gnomes fixes and cleans and refills your cupboards" but it's for your pub and its in apology for breaking things and causing a ruckus.

alternatively or additionally, rather than pay for the damages the next morning everything is perfectly restored and clean and everything is refilled and your cash register or equivalent is has a huge sum in it.

sci fi species that's just some punk elves and everything the factions know about them is they show up in pubs and stuff and start fights, no one gets properly hurt, they always pay their bills (and they're good customers before the fights, always) and pay triple the damages, and no one ever sees them enter or leave. If you throw them out they never show up again even centuries later they dont.

the famous Klingon Accordion genre of music

I manually check that tumblr regularly. It's real good art!

anyway look at this picture of Pearl from Steven Universe dressed as Wizard Howl from discount-supervillain.tumblr.c

cursed forever for doing knitting vandalism on the chicken legs of a witch's walking cottage

kink, konosuba manga frame 

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this, in turn, is a necessary precondition of the mcmeditation industry, whereby buddhism and daoism in particular are mined for stress-reducing 'mindfulness' exercises to make your workers docile and twee aphorisms to share on facebook

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atheism, i maintain, is simply not a meaningful stance in regards to anything other than christianity. calling buddhism or daoism 'atheistic' because they don't believe in an omnipotent creator deity, when in fact such a being would make no sense within their broader metaphysics, and they in fact have large and rich pantheons of venerated entities, just ends up making the claim that since they're not christian, they're not 'real' religions at all

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universalising critiques of particular branches of christianity to 'religion' in general is just cultural imperialism; and so is the concept of 'religion' as a universal. what fits the christian-derived model of 'religiosity' is treated as 'true' religion, what doesn't fit as a 'superstition' or 'corruption', therefore casting all religions as kinds of deficient christianity & giving colonisers the privilege of interpretation over actual adherents

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