british weezing are class traitors which is why they wear tophats, etc.

death stranding mod that replaces the protagonist with ramona flowers

bringing 50 gnome hirelings solely so I can throw them at monsters for distractions.

I just saw somebody call the upcoming decade "the rawring 20's", I can't deal with this

the inn\tavern thing from over the garden wall where they sing what their names\jobs are, but it's the characters from death stranding.

pacman seems pretty popular with the kids, what if we tweaked the winning formula just enough to skirt copyright law? howard, check our demographic studies in regards to nightmare hellbeasts

your pockets being filled with knives may be why your hands are covered in blood and it may not necessarily involve anyone else

You just finish eating your cup of tea and suddenly your pockets are full of knives and your hands are covered in blood.

eating frenchfries tomorrow and I am already excited.

Moving to midsommer and immediately becoming a murderer

The NPC union is extremely powerful because it has all the villains AND the old heroes and teachers.

i can't believe the writers on big bang theory figured this out and then kept doing the show for 8 more seasons anyway

if I were a publisher I would simply forbid my game studios from implementing bugs in their games

As someone who did part of a Unity tutorial once, I'm fully qualified to call game developers lazy and incompetent for making a game that has a bug in it.

Retired archmage who just hangs out in the players homebase and eats their icecream and gives cryptic advise before pretending she did all the work.

Player asks how I got to the end of the dungeon and I just pull out my NPC Union card and tells them I've signed an NDA

Extradimensional timetraveller telling you that your universe sucks and your cosmology is a mess and she's amazed things exist at all.

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