sci fi species that has the genre "alternate history" but it's not fiction, just historical recreations of other timelines.

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abuse, forgiveness, personal mental health+ 

People who insist that forgiveness is a necessary component of healing from trauma are projecting. Either they're an abuser themselves, and don't want to imagine themselves as unforgivable; or they're the type of person who needs this catharsis to let go of their anger and resentment, and they assume it works that way for everyone else. It doesn't. If that works for you, go for it, but I'm much happier having worked this stuff out on my own and with my therapist than I would have been trying to awkwardly salvage a relationship that was always harmful for me.

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literally every sound a car can make sounds like it came out of an ass. laughable vehicle.

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Sorry to be posting another one of these but rent is about to be due and I still haven't found work, and I'm extremely behind. I was able to pay last month's rent (very late but it happened) thanks to you guys and my family, and I'm very grateful. I understand we're all having hard times, but anything helps.

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trek speculation, borg drones 

"A half litre ordinary tidal breath weighs 0.6 g"

At ~15 breaths per minute that's 9g per minute, which is 540g per hour, which is ~13kg per day.

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trek speculation 

was considering where to get mass to reassemble from a character with nanites and I was like 'maybe their lungs are built in such a way they can cause a buildup, or harvest some of the air or waste products as it's inhaled and used' and googled how much air we inhale per day weightwise.

It's like 13 kgs appearently, which is more than we eat per day.

Now I no longer worry as much where borg drones get the mass they use to grow implants. :blobsweats:

love to become out of breath and dizzy form lack of oxygen after blowing my nose.

this happened before I got (and was no longer infected with) what was presumedly covid according to doctors, its just my atstma and inherent weak-ass-ness

"I hope that someone will be fair to me after my death, and will extract from my humble writings the spirits of sincerity, honesty, friendship and enthusiasm for all that is good and beautiful." - May Ziade.


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@tan if only such a heaven were *unintelligible mumbling bc i've slumped under a desk*

Dreaming of having the muscles to sit in decent posture indefinitely.

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doctor who lore 

and that it's technically "The War In Heaven And The Last Great Time War"

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doctor who lore 

I am a big proponent of "The Doctor 'won' the War in Heaven by replacing it with the Last Great Time War that had a horrible enemy that you could hate and fight directly"

"Don't you worry about your elaborate robes getting caught when you need to defend y-"
[wizard just grabs own shoulder with same hand and tears the entire thing off in one smooth motion, leaving shred. They are a muscle wizard]

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Im always mad online, but that’s only because it is the default state of wizards.

ALL wizards are in a permanent state of barely contained fury, kept in check by our pointed hats. That’s why they’re shaped like that, in fact, to increase storage volume for Arcane Rage

That and daystrom institute is my favorite way to make trek internally consistent, which is a hard order.

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There's an entire wiki dedicated to 'explaining errors in star trek' :blobaww:

I don't actually use gogoduck I just use it as a default search engine so I can write !g, !gi, !w, !yt !wolf and !steam etc. 👀

wondering why my fries aren't as good as the place I used to eat them as then remembering they make probably hundreds of batches of fries per day.

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