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just a reminder that i am an enby !!!!!
they/them, or no pronoun use if possible!
im not a woman, but i am fucking gay

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if youve ever used the word rammy you owe me a compliment or cash

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I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Posting is exactly like bloodletting AND trepanation

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BUT its okay im not gonna beat myself up about it cause jo met me and i fucked around a little on my board and took pictures with this tree and had a lovely walk home and i will try again next time!!!!!

i got too anxious and ended up leaving the meetup before anyone got there cause im a fucking loser

going to a sk8 meet up and im nervous!!!!!!

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its wild how wholesome, sweet, and cute i am

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everyone in my office is giggling and singing and i am NOT about it

one of the parameters is 'commitment to the organization' and it makes me mad. cause i have zero commitment to the org as it stands, i have a commitment to kids and sharing knowledge. smh

good morning i have to finish my performance review self evaluation today but i would rather eat a shoe

like this and ill think bout u for a few seconds before i go to sleep 😴

no one has ever subtooted me and i will continue believing that forever thank u

im more twisted than conner. im the real joker.

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