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just a reminder that i am:
- enby
- really hot
- a huge fan of sandwiches

as someone who has studied snails in a zoological and academic setting i truly dont understand how they could possibly taste good. So slimy.

*rubs eyes super sleepily and cutely*
good morning
(selfie, ec)

today is our second to last day together before i leave πŸ˜“ literally the hardest thing about going to sea. lol woops now im crying

i miss jo so fucking much and weve only been seperated for 23 hours

"I made some coffee then i freaked it"
- swirlz
- - yo

everybody shut the fuck up im being sincere

I am currently in multiple funny threads with many a friends i like a lot on here and feeling all warm and fuzzy

hot take, aliens, actually it might not be hot 

He was telling me about this vaguely a few years ago but they hadnt gotten an actual specimen yet, just anecdotes from people who live where the shipworm is found.

ps. Theyre called shipworms cause they bore into and eat wood and are often found living in the wood of ships

science geekery, caps 

you ever click a reply to a thread cause the reply seemed interesting but then it turns out its just a thread of nerd shit?????

i do that a lot and despite my great dissappointment every time, im glad youre all having fun doing....whatever the fuck youre doing

platform shoes are just portable squatty pottys send toot


just to be clear when im joking about not understanding meta drama i am 100% not referring to the nazi/gab/app stuff. im referring to the blatantly petty stuff, not the like, actual real life violence hate and and danger stuff.

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