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I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Posting is exactly like bloodletting AND trepanation

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my ego is huge and so is my beauty

swirlz is extremely logged on this evening

buying a 3 pack of body vibes stickers with my life savings of bezos swag bucks

smh these big wigs dont even know how many bezos bucks it takes to buy a gallon of bezos milk,

primate looks directly at viewer was my hands down favorite masto meme

this account is half bot half human, the real human thoughts mashed together with swirlz_ebooks, creating a sexy cybernetic framework. im the future!

I cant believe I missed kinky inspector gadget. I'm never fake leaving this website ever again.

sometimes I just have desus and mero's voices in my head dragging me for the way I live my life and it keeps me humble

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