I really have to get up and get more coffee but on the other hand

lord grant me strength not to lose my shit on these know it all dads AMEN

last week was so busy! but im catching up cause im
Day 15: Legend
take me to the snails please

correction, album of the day 

correction, album of the day 

caps, song of the day 

i have to go to work, which, as we know, is bullshit

I met a beautiful friend who was stuck in the sand at the shoreline and we hung out for a while until he dried off

"oh shit my thermostat got a virus that helped ddos a gamer and now my doorbell is turning me in to the police" said dirk chuggly as he cracked open an energy drink aerated with real nitrous oxide

no im not a snack at all
look, baby, im the whole damn meal


afternoon vanilla sun crawls away across the lawn
through the phone I pull you and drag your voice around

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