We talk about excommunication as a barbaric practice from the church's regressive past, and usually it is, because it's an expression of the institutional power of the church. But sometimes, when someone's words or actions are bad enough, we have to say, "we can no longer worship God together," and perhaps, "it is now clear that we do not worship the same God."

I could bike home from the grocery store but it feels Amazing so I'm gonna wait for the bus

Where are the Christian leaders speaking out against fellow Christians spreading fascism and suffering with the Cross as justification?

Has the Pope excommunicated fascist Catholics who are rising to power around the world?

Have any Protestant leaders spoke against the dangerous Fascist Christian movements in the Americas?

Any Orthodox or Eastern Churches speak out against xenophobia in their lands?

This is asked of Muslim leaders all the time, but where are the Christian leaders?

Hey I know it may not seem like a big deal, but I really do not want to see people talking about how trans women might have "leftover" toxic masculinity unless you also think cis women might also have "leftover" toxic masculinity.

Hi. I am a trans person in 2019. I spent a lot of time and effort helping out with grassroots community organizing alongside wealthier cis people for free, wound up homeless twice, lost housing once to a gentrifying landlord, ate dumpster-dived groceries, got boomers up my ass calling me lazy and a spendthrift when I was saving every penny from my shit gig economy job, then moved into tech because I needed to be in a field that would actually give me money to live.

Also, if you start to question how necessary your consumption is, you are more free to also question the necessity of whatever it is you do for money. Chances are that's at least a little a bit ethically compromised as well.

Does reducing consumption automatically usher in full communism & the end of oppression? No, of course not. But consider:

1. Reducing consumption frees your cash for the revolution and for mutual aid.
2. Every bit of unnecessary consumption is a bit of exploitation that you don't need to be participating in.
3. We should be thinking about alternatives to our consumption in order to begin building alternative systems & dual power. Cooperation outside of the capital-dominated markets is good.

Really wish a lot more people would be critical about how much of their consumption is necessary.

Catholic Church Latin America Synod 

Catholic Church Latin America Synod 

@supernova BTW this is me subtweeting Christian pastors who think that their neutrality is clever and nuanced.

You're allowed to say, 'My loyalties are not to Democrats or Republicans, I'm politically engaged but not partisan.' But you then have to articulate where it is that you do stand, and what it is that you do stand for, and how that manifests in this world.

Coining the term "picobureaucracy" to describe all the small, ever growing pile of procedures and details people are expected to follow and remember just to get by. For example: picking out a healthcare plan, figuring out taxes, logins and passwords.

It's called the Bible not the Straightble. Get your own book, straights.

@supernova Elizabeth Warren: Religious conservatives are free to follow their consciences and participate in heterosexual marriage.

Rod Dreher: Elizabeth Warren is going to force me personally to get gay married!

Rod Dreher's victim complex never fails to be funny.

RT @willowlovestheology: Democrats Vs. Traditional Christians | The American Conservative

Honestly I think I'm ready to move to the woods, stop grooming myself, and become a prophet.

My family are all excessively successful and they know I'm smart, so I'm pretty sure they all find it inconceivable I can't find a "good job." So the natural conclusion is that obviously I don't give a shit about my life, nothing they can do about that.

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