I can do all other weighted squats it’s just having the bar resting on my shoulders that hurts

I can’t do a back squat with the barbell resting in position across my shoulders without my left shoulder hurting like crazy and it’s pissing me off -_-

(has actually published an ambient synth track and a pretentious IDM/microhouse banger to Bandcamp but is hesitant about sharing it for fear of doxing because the copyright is listed under her full name of Kaia [REDACTED]sson.)

[ retro synthpop with poorly constructed English lyrics sung in some European accent by random Bandcamp artist ] "Is this my new favorite album of all time?"

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@astrid "Affirmative." [ accidentally knocks over several pieces of furniture ]

By the time I have monster thighs it's going to be too cold to wear shorts and frankly that's rather homophobic of the weather if you ask me.

My SO and I just had a discussion about "It's raining men" and "Let the bodies hit the floor" cover the same event from different perspectives.

[ me, in the grips of human zoomies before 8 AM ] "I'm not sure what you mean."

me in a 1400's family with a lot femme-identifying siblings: history's sisteries

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