[every night at some time of the evening after the sun goes down, thousands of people pour out of the local Underground stations chanting "NIGHT CREW NIGHT CREW..." ]

@streetvalkyrie ooh I've been here, the place doesn't even toot, I'm disappointed

@Shrigglepuss @streetvalkyrie
The tube station there is called Tooting Broadway. The web domain tooting.broadway has not been registered yet. Iโ€™M JUST SAYING

@streetvalkyrie I need to take a photo with the roadsign and toot it if I ever had a chance to visit England.

@streetvalkyrie that's where all the UK mastodon people meet up

@streetvalkyrie Something I should do when visiting London: tooting from Tooting.

@streetvalkyrie I'd be willing to accept this if that yellow-striped square was filled with queer showing each other memes or screaming at the idiocy of mankind.
As it stands now, I call this a misprint.

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