In the pantheon of [animal] girls there aren't nearly enough dik-dik girls

I didn't even do it for the pun but I did know full well that it was there, and just kind of forged onward regardless.


I always assume the puns are intentional, 'cause for some reason bad puns are trans culture.

@AmaraEverglade @streetvalkyrie
What you just did is a pun, also I'm going to bring uo your very recent 'That's what she said' joke as DNA evidence against you in this case.

@shabby_forest_girl @streetvalkyrie

That... Look here. I need to be able to recognize the bad puns in order to identify the subs 'n stuff...

Yeah. That's it.

And 'That's what she said' isn't a pun. DORK.

@AmaraEverglade @streetvalkyrie
I didn't say it WAS a pun, but it's circumstantial evidence for you proclivity to use puns and other bad jokes...

Face it, you've been called out. Go munch some chalk if it makes you feel better. 😏

@streetvalkyrie Eeee dik-diks are some of the most perfect animals on the planet!

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