Me on just making demonic growling noises.

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@shabby_forest_girl @AmaraEverglade
I mean not directly in your face, no. That would be rude, unless you consented to a full frontal growling, which would be a different story.

@AmaraEverglade @shabby_forest_girl
[ Looms behind Karin cracking knuckles with a very 'not today' look on my face ]

@AmaraEverglade @streetvalkyrie
*Feels slightly dizzy from goshness overdose, accidentally dumps her own books and falls on her butt.*

@shabby_forest_girl @streetvalkyrie

*Snatches Karin's glasses while she's on the ground and dangles them over her head tauntingly.*

@AmaraEverglade @shabby_forest_girl
*Sighs, carefully front kicks glasses out of your hand into the air, catches them, hands them back to Karin* "And that's ... excuse me" - pushes up my own glasses and adjusts beanie - "And that's how we make it look easy."

@streetvalkyrie @AmaraEverglade
Wow, thanks!!... now I've got you both -exactly- where I want you...

*Looks paranoid the two of them might have heard that last bit*

@streetvalkyrie @shabby_forest_girl

*Snatches Kaia's beanie, grabs her in a headlock and scruffs up her hair, oblivious to Karin's mutterings.*

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