Happy boring cis couple do the gender reveal only to find nothing, because I, a thief, have stolen their precious gender. Good luck finding it, heteros.

Every time one of my toots gets 100+ boosts, George HW Bush gets pounded in the butt in hell by vengeance demons. Thanks for doing your part.

I'm just doing queer supervillain praxis over here.

@streetvalkyrie you do realize this is how you get more management consultants

@streetvalkyrie like the phantom thieves of persona 5 but Steal Your Gender

@streetvalkyrie "Here's the big moment!" (pulls rope, curtains part, revealing an empty glass case) "...It's been stolen!"


I hope you give the gender to someone else who needs it :}

I'm liberating genders and redistributing them according to need.


yay! free and equitable gender distribution for all! 💜

@streetvalkyrie ah yes, the gender-raptor was always my favourite feathered dinosaur

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