Mastodon is like elementary school in that you basically run into someone on the playground, find out that you both like [thing] and then are immediately friends.

@streetvalkyrie also each instance is like a club, where you want to join after seeing the cool people in it

@streetvalkyrie also there's lots of crying and misunderstandings but hopefully also less throwing of rocks, and definitely more hugs

We're not living in the future until I can share my snacks with people on this platform

@streetvalkyrie you're already someplace where you can meet a lot of them at the playground :p

@streetvalkyrie @amphetamine Instead of a packet it's a snacket, instead of a datagram it's a datagraham. Hm. I think this will work.

@streetvalkyrie @amphetamine Gotta make sure we build in good security else you get DDoSed with some kind of shitty cereal like Grape Nuts.

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@streetvalkyrie @sadcatstarry I don't think everyone's like that; source: the people I interact with

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. (Robert Fulghum)

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