Give 👏🏼trans👏🏼people👏🏼the👏🏼power👏🏼of👏🏼pyrokinesis

I s2g this is the most evergreen toot I've ever done. Hook it up to a generator, because it's a renewable resource, I tell ya hwat.

So much shit resolved within the first 48 hours alone, seriously

@streetvalkyrie just carry a lighter and a thing of the fluid and yorue close enough :p

Yeah but you've gotta be able to combust bigger and spontaneously. For reasons.

@streetvalkyrie @queerchangeling And also have the ability to manipulate fire that already exists (fire bending?), for keeping out of harm's way.

@streetvalkyrie wonder what happens at 28 months. levitation? invisibility? the ability to smash capitalism?

At that point you acquire some extremely powerful and useful ability that jibes with your essential personality. It could be any number of things.

Nice! I'm probably going to get spacetime manipulation or just more pyrokinesis.

@streetvalkyrie why spacetime manipulation? what are you going to use it for?

@streetvalkyrie I start a fire in people's loins, does that count 🤔

@streetvalkyrie Can I have ice powers instead? I know that one movie made it kicthy, but I like the idea of being able to build stuff outta ice.

@streetvalkyrie shaving in the morning would be so much easier!

@streetvalkyrie the only super power I have left to give out is justifiable arson 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@streetvalkyrie but what if I prefer ice or electricity? Is that not an option?

@streetvalkyrie Too dangerous. Trans people are already far too hot just the way we are.

@streetvalkyrie I'm down, but what if they could choose which elemental powers to have?

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