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Happy boring cis couple do the gender reveal only to find nothing, because I, a thief, have stolen their precious gender. Good luck finding it, heteros.

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Give 👏🏼trans👏🏼people👏🏼the👏🏼power👏🏼of👏🏼pyrokinesis

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Reposting this only so I can pin it to my profile because this is my self-theory

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This weekend I will

* workout

* clean

* go to an anarchist book store

* write a script that does a thing

* put a website on the internet even if it's just a hello world thing with no HTTPS

* tell someone I love them

This weekend it is entirely imperative and non-negotiable that I unfuck my living space.

scientists predict that by july i will have said "hell yeah" to every person in the fediverse

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Sorry I've been kind of quiet the last few days! I know I'm under no obligation to be super active on social media, but I've been sort of working through things and I feel like dumping the full spectrum of my feels onto the timeline could be a little exhausting.

I'm trying to squat lower. I will not stop until I can squat for hours in a track suit with a bottle of something drinkable and flammable.

Hey youtube fam it's ya boy, Homosexual Straight Boy 420 here.

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