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Give 👏🏼trans👏🏼people👏🏼the👏🏼power👏🏼of👏🏼pyrokinesis

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Reposting this only so I can pin it to my profile because this is my self-theory

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Time to read about the Æsir and Vanir until I'm too sleepy to keep my eyes open. Good night! 🖤⚔️

NSFW Selfie - Boosts are Okay - Every day is leg day when... Show more

Municipal dockless bikeshare where the bikes can be unlocked with a free app or a smart chip library card.

It's wild how prioritizing rest days, getting enough sleep, and not micromanaging my diet actually improves athletic performance.

Except for the one that's Brigitte from Overwatch because I'm gay

Innocuously making all of my monitor desktops at work extremely closeups of Gritty

Yeah i play chess. I'm a bishop main

this is how white boys eat the coochie

not falling through the fall just to flex on babies who don't understand object permanence

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