Since the unemployment expansion is expiring, my job has permanently closed, and nobody in my industry is hiring (especially for positions at my level), I'm gonna need help making ends meet. Anything helps.

Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

Sorry to keep boosting this but I'm not even halfway to rent and I'm worried

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Rent is due today and I'm not even close, thank you to everyone who has helped but I for sure still need help

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At this point, I'm around $300 short of paying when my unemployment clears including the late fee, because New York still hasn't been given the extra $300 a week or back pay on that by the federal government and we have no idea when that's gonna happen

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I'm actually further behind because bills now and I don't have internet because optimum screwed up so I can't really look until tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do

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My mom's state got their pandemic expansion back pay so she was able to loan me a bit. Now I'm back to being roughly $300 behind

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A family member loaned me the rest so while obviously I will accept donations, if anyone needs it more, donate to their post instead please

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