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2020 twitter is fast becoming 2011-2014 tumblr and right now the "is porn inherently abusive" and "is BDSM inherently abusive" discourse are hobgoblins stalking across my timeline

Quicksand minefield

Also the latter discourse seems to completely ignore cases where, for example, a man is not into slapping or choking but goes for it because a woman asks or demands it and if it gets her off, as long as he's not legitimately hurting her, he'll live. Which is where I've been at in the past, because those things are not solely imposed on women by men, sexuality is weird and people like unexpected shit

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@steviemcfly hell yeah so glad to be off Twitter now lol. Frankly I think some of that shit’s come here too but just. Yup.

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@wicche I feel like most of the discourse I've seen around here has been about things that have directly happened on here, and we're also having to examine as a community the fact that avoiding politics without a more specific directive as to what to avoid or not avoid often means some people's narratives are seen as off limits and others' aren't.

But in general I'm glad this place is mostly bits, because I like bits

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@steviemcfly sticking with bits is pretty much what I’m here for and I’m really glad there’s still a lot of it yeah. That’s an excellent point about people trying to both avoid politics and not avoid them at the same time. The goal posts are always shifting for what’s “too much” or what’s “too dominating” for people to say, and for when it’s crucial to have an opinion and when it’s crucial to not have one. There are growing pains around the perceived/preferred rules of engagement, and how to do better than on other platforms without just making it seem like you couldn’t be arsed about politics at all. I’m no longer interested in even discussing the stuff that does affect me directly, but I wish others the best of luck in figuring out what works for them

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