Jumping on the voice post bandwagon even though I'm sick

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I'm curious, how did this compare to what anyone had imagined?

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@steviemcfly about what I expected, a little deeper maybe but you are dying so perhaps that's why

@steviemcfly not too far off, actually. your voice is more gravelly than I expected but other than that it's pretty close to the voice I read your posts in

@CartoonBangover Some of that is me being sick but it's not too far off from my relaxed voice. The pitch is definitely affected by how tense or relaxed I am at any given moment.

That's why in high school, I would call the girls I was most nervous to speak to after a nap so I sounded cooler

@steviemcfly "ooh my name's stevie, I talked to girls in high school"

suck my ass

@CartoonBangover You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I also missed 99% of the shots I did take

@steviemcfly deeper than I thought. I thought you'd sound more like my ex tbh, and also have a stronger East Coast accent?

It's a good voice though, so who cares

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