The judge was making fun of us for having roommates and not having a lawyer yet, and he and the court attorney were both very dismissive of, you know, the law

So we need to get a lawyer, and the one we've found that seems good and is available requires $4000 up front,so that's something we're gonna have to figure out and hope she can convince him to do his job right

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He actually said, "What is this situation? Why are four grown men living together?" And seemed incredibly dismissive of the idea that we should be charged the proper rent just because we were misled and our landlords broke the law repeatedly and intentionally

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So basically we have exactly two weeks to get a lawyer and it's gonna cost us $4000 up front, so anything anyone can spare and/or any boosts will help
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We're meeting with our lawyer tomorrow. We ended up going with one who doesn't specialize in tenant law but who really wanted the case and is excited about it, and also who is charging us a bit less than half of what we were quoted by the lawyer we spoke to on the 13th, which is good

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We keep getting in this pattern of doubting things are going to go well, then reviewing the case and getting really excited, then letting time pass, rinse, repeat. It was super deflating having the judge talk shit and the court attorney basically say it doesn't matter that they broke the law, but having an actual lawyer involved makes it seem much less daunting

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Whether in the initial trial or on appeal, I think we got this. The law is extremely on our side here.

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We met with the lawyer last night. I have a good feeling about everything but he's still recommending we get the back rent together before our next court date (which will either be Monday or three weeks from then depending on how things go/went with him trying to get that delayed). I am very far from that, like unachieveable basically, but I'm still trying as hard as I can, and anything anyone can spare helps. Thank you to everyone who has sent anything or boosted posts already.

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Our lawyer went to court today. We were only allowed to get a continuance for him to work on the case if we pay a month’s rent (at the overcharged rate). Between that and paying for the lawyer, that’s going to cost me $1300. I’ve raised about $300 so far (again, thank you!), but could really use help getting farther, especially given that I’m about to lose my job and don’t have a new one lined up quite yet. I’m sure I’ll find something, but it’ll take a bit to start and get paid, and we’re on a time crunch (the lawyer fees have to be paid right away and the rent has to be paid by the 10th of February).

Hopefully this will all be resolved soon, but again, thank you to everyone who has helped.

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The new date is February 24th, and hopefully that'll be the last date and we can get everything solved.

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I paid the month of rent we were required to pay. Hopefully everyting will be resolved soon.

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@steviemcfly me too!!!! this legal system is really fucked but u hope it helps

@gemlog I'm in the US, we do not. And I'm in New York, where we have more rights as tenants than literally anywhere else in this country

@gemlog Our housing situations are handled in court and you have to make below a certain amount to qualify for free legal assistance (and although we are fucking broke, only one roommate does, and he would have to break his portion of the case off and deal with an overburdened system with lawyers that often don't show up, as happened when he tried to go in and at least see what his options were)

@steviemcfly oh I admire your restraint. Said like they don’t know there’s a housing crisis. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

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