@steviemcfly nope. the whole city hovers about four feet off the ground, also we shoot down any ships that come close

@steviemcfly just make sure you don't take a ship and you'll be fine

@pizza Does this count land and air ships or just sea? I think it's only fitting if I arrive in Portland via dirigible

@steviemcfly nope that's a ship, sorry. anything having to do with ports is a no-go

@pizza USB? More like US don't B caught without a wireless charger in Portland, sucka!


@pizza If you want a dark beer in Portland it better be a stout. If you so much as MENTION a porter, I swear to GOD

@steviemcfly @pizza

lmao at the idea of finding a place in Portland that offers both a stout AND a porter as options for their token dark beer

@baronnarcveldt @steviemcfly @pizza lmao @ the idea of finding a place in Portland that isn't exclusively IPAs tbh =P

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