i don't get the constant desire to rewatch the office. I liked it at the time! I also liked all of mike shur's other shows and the good place is appointment television for me. but, like, I don't have a particular desire to rewatch it more than anything else. the office was a good show. nothing more

@realmaxkeeble i rewatch shows over and over again but like I do it with twin peaks and the first season of true detective and 3rd rock from the sun, not the fuckin office


@nuttgodd @realmaxkeeble I rewatch The Office sometimes. There are things that hold up and there are things I can learn from it as someone who wants to write sitcoms. But holy fuck the level of brain poisoning displayed by the people in the trending topic on the birdsite yesterday who were talking openly about only watching The Office and/or Friends over and over again like that's not basically serial killer behavior

@steviemcfly @realmaxkeeble yeah like I have a friend whose Snapchat story is either her smoking blunts or watching the office or both and it is CONSTANT and has been for years, including her being like "I always cry during this season"

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