Once my freshman year of college, I came back from a weekend out of town to find most of the people on my hall gathered around my neighbor, who was drunk, eating out of a massive tub of cookie dough with a spoon, and talking about how he "cookie capered" his friend's room, by which he meant that he put cookie dough over the peephole and lock as revenge

qanon is what happens to your brain when you've never had flavorful food in your life

Two unattended children are running David Lynchily through the lobby, back and forth, alternating between pterodactyl screams and overt threats of murder

The AR-15 was named after Ayn Rand and the maximum age at which it's okay to think she should be taken seriously

food; asking for help 

Asking for money post (please boost) 

Asking for money post (please boost) 

Inspired by @realmaxkeeble talking about that Margiela fragrance in the Sephora thread, what's everybody's go-to fragrances?

Mine are Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Ombre Leather 16

dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

Cap'n Cap'n Cap'n can't you see
sometimes your words just crunchatize me

A guest slipped and fell in the lobby and That One Bellman made fun of his weight to his face while he was still on the ground

I have $200k in student loan debt, that shit is never getting paid unless I win the lotto or some shit

I called to try to get some kind of student loan relief and after twenty minutes they just hung up on me

I actually don't know if I'll ever be able to rent an apartment again if I have to leave this one for the rest of my life, unless I become rich somehow and can put down an amount up front currently unfathomable to me.

My credit score went down another 100 points because I can't afford to pay $2000 a month and they refuse to put me on a payment plan. I didn't know credit scores went this low.

driving a double-decker tourist bus, a bunch of instagram people take selfies on the top deck and i am pulled over for driving under the influencers

Management had the brokers that are in charge of renting out the units in my building call us to try and negotiate an end to the rent strike wherein they do the one repair we want most, then we start paying again (including paying back rent) and trust them to "gradually, over time" fix the other problems. Which obviously is something we're gonna pass on.

Just caught my roommates' cats, who typically hate each other and are seconds away from fighting at all times, working together to use styrofoam blocks to climb into the trash can to eat bacon grease like some off-kilter version of Rugrats

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