The squatters have a recording of management putting a hit on a former tenant who didn't accept a buyout

My life is constantly on fire and if we're being honest I find it tiring

The city accepted a deed transfer from someone who did not own the building to herself for zero dollars

The squatters have a fake deed apparently. When management has tried to come into the building, they’ve called the cops and showed them this fake deed to prove they own the building and have the cops keep management out. They also used this fake deed to get a company to change the door code on the building, and they’re now threatening to evict all the legit tenants, so now we have to be on guard at all times until this is sorted out.

Edgy humor is to comedy what jump scares are to horror. Sure, they can be utilized really effectively if you know what you're doing, but if it's all you got, you're in big fuckin trouble

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She's pissed I know what the people in the actual position I was supposed to have (and am doing in terms of job responsibilities and tasks) are making

I tried not to but I 100% broke down crying in front of my GM trying to explain how fucked up of a financial situation I'm in because I'm not getting paid what I should be

I didn't get the raise I'm supposed to have gotten a year and a half ago but I'm not quitting quite yet.

I can't believe I just got more bills how do I have so many fucking bills

iOS people get an hourly minigame to get in-game currency and points to level up for free, inside an app that functions, and Android users only have the option to pay for those things in an app that's completely fucked

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