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your d&d class based on your Harry Potter house:

Ravenclaw: Wizard
Hufflepuff: Wizard
Griffindor: Wizard
Slytherin: Wizard

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The song my cousins and I wrote for our band, whose name kept going back and forth between the Rainbow Dragons and the Golden Dragons for at least two years, was about breaking up with a live-in girlfriend, an experience we were all over a decade from having

The first cassette I owned was 36 Chambers but the first CD I owned was Hanson's Middle of Nowhere

When I was eight, my cousins got a promo cassingle of Hanson's MMMBop from a record store, and we all got super into Hanson before they blew up. and they inspired us to attempt to start a band

🎡 Tonight I'm gonna party like it's Tetris 99 🎡

When your only hammer is a nail, all your tools start looking like problems.

if you are under 18 you can follow my profile as long as u promise never to run with scissors.

My mom looks five or fewer years older than me

🎡 Digimon
Digimon monsters
Digimon are the monsters 🎡

It sounds like eugenics but with terrible rapping over it

Sometimes I remember the commercial for that boner pill called Nugenix and wonder who the fuck thought that was a good name

We have no HR at my job, so the only person to report that the GM is stiffing me to is the GM, which seems like a bad setup to me

There's a song on my work playlist that only comes on when I'm in the middle of something and can't shazam it, but it sounds like she's saying, "I just wanna go, 'Love me senpai, love me senpai'" in the chorus and I know that can't be it

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