My roommate pointed out the four dancing sharks on the Corona crown

@steviemcfly mad men is true to it's theming and period in that every character that is not a straight white man doesn't really get a satsifying conclusion or focus on their arc

BEHIND THE TOOT: I was gonna put something about Peggy and/or Joan but it felt too hashtag Resistance liberal

Broke: watching Mad Men and relating to Don Draper because you like the image of midcentury American masculinity

Woke: watching Mad Men and relating to Don Draper because you're also chronically incapable of being good even if you want to and by the end even you're not sure how much of that is just an excuse and how much is something that would require years of extensive therapy to fix

Bespoke: watching Mad Men and being annoyed that they abandoned the promise of the black characters introduced in season five in the last two seasons, Dawn was robbed

Oh sure, the cops can seize anything they want from me if they "suspect" me of a drug crime and it's okay, but if I seize ONE means of production,

mastodon is like Sesame street where a muppet announces the word of the day and the whole town loses their shit over it

I'm on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. I'm breezing through every question on my way to $1,000,000. My plus one is sending me smoke signals with the correct answers. Meredith Vieira is none the wiser and just thinks the studio is on fire, which it is.

STEVE HARVEY: Name something you can milk
ME: a niplle,
STEVE HARVEY: Did this- Did she just say "niplle,"? How'd she manage to spell it that way while speaking? How did she say "niplle," in real l-
(Board dings and reveals "niplle," as the number one answer)

I was banned from the Wheel of Fortune studio after I spun the wheel too hard and it kept going for 12 hours straight. Pat Sajak tried to stop it at hour 3 and it broke every bone in his hands.

Getting amnesia right before going on Jeopardy and answering every question with "Where am I?". Nobody calls for help, they just think you're really bad at this game

Trebek: "So you had an interesting run-in with Ronald Reagan once, didn't you?"

John Hinckley, Jr: "Sure did, Alex - "

At my friend's party the other day, a girl I'd never met came up and put her arm around me and snuggled up like we knew each other. We introduced ourselves, and I just kept on with the conversation I was already in. After a while, she looked into my eyes and said, apropos of nothing, "A lot of things are about to happen." I said, "What?" and she replied, "You're involved." Then she walked away.

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