Only like a quarter of you follow me on skullsite so just a reminder I'm at @steviemcfly in case radtown goes down like it was supposed to

For whom does that hotline bling?
It blings for thee

When LMFAO corners you against the wall of Andrew WK's house, you're between Party Rock and a Party Hard place

Since the unemployment expansion is expiring, my job has permanently closed, and nobody in my industry is hiring (especially for positions at my level), I'm gonna need help making ends meet. Anything helps.

Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

All of the good instances are invite only, can someone shoot me an invite so I can prepare for the shutdown?

🎵 And if a Vengabus
Crashes into us
An interstate free disco
Is such a heavenly way to go

In the spring, I'm gonna give up my aversion to spreadsheets for forty days as a show of religious devotion and sacrifice. It'll be Excel Lent

A family member loaned me the rest so while obviously I will accept donations, if anyone needs it more, donate to their post instead please

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Thinking about the time in high school when the cute girl working the ice cream stand gave me my order for free and I just went, "Oh my God, thanks!" and walked away because it straight up did not dawn on me that she could have been hitting on me

My mom's state got their pandemic expansion back pay so she was able to loan me a bit. Now I'm back to being roughly $300 behind

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maybe the gender reveal worked properly but the gender was fire

Wind Waker Link was incel (involuntarily cel shaded)

im an incel but with money instead of women

(borat voice) good night you princes of maine, my wife of new england

It's time to resurrect the Vape Ape, I believe our scientists can do it

Wait, did we do the "run a Star Trek adjacent minor celebrity off the fediverse at the end of summer" thing again while I was offline?

One of my favorite bits two of my sophomore year roommates used to do at parties is decide on fake names to call themselves when talking to girls, but those names being the names of famous duos and thus obviously fake (e.g., "Okay, I'm John Madden, you're Pat Summerall, go!" and sprint into the party)

🎵 It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel bad

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