The group of actors in an all body snatcher play is a pod cast

One thing the housekeepers do that drives me absolutely nuts is when we put them on hold because we're busy and they just call back over and over and over again rather than wait

"Cinco de Drinko" makes me irrationally angry because not only is it racist but "Drinko de Mayo" was right fucking there

The coronavirus is what makes white people put on sombreros and post facebook statuses about "cinco de drinko" on the fifth of May

I miss him a lot tbh, and I wish he'd worked harder on putting his shit in the right hands

Thinking about a friend I used to work and write with and how he would probably be the most successful screenwriter of our time if he stopped drinking when he was my age and leaned into his work

I know people have talked about gender reveal parties if they were for adults revealing their own gender but my brain just took me further down that chain to imagining it being like signing day for high school athletes where they have the ceremony and pick the hat of the college they choose

Like a crowd gathered in a high school gym waiting on bated breath for someone to pick the hat representing their gender and reveal which gender they're signing with

Session. was for a 24-hour film festival Apple put on in 2007. We did not win.

Robicheaux was for a 48-hour film festival in 2010. A lot of it is in-jokes for the local industry and pranks on other filmmakers working on it. I was a swing on it and appeared in one hashtag problematic scene.

I didn't know her at the time, and I didn't meet her until the next year (she was a grade behind me, and I heard about it from my girlfriend at the time, who was in her class). I expected her to be awful based on that story but she was a sweetheart. A well-intentioned idiot but holy shit what a completely fucking awful thing she did regardless of her intention. Also how did she get to high school having never known what the Holocaust was at all?

Just remembered when a very nice but very stupid girl I went to high school with learned about the Holocaust and copied a number tattoo from a picture in the textbook on her arm in sharpie in what she saw as an act of solidarity but which drew only horrified reactions and dunking

My GM is apparently considering bringing back someone who used to work under me to take my spot at the higher pay and title I've been due for a long time, because apparently her only motivation is to actively insult me

Last week my roommate who hosts trivia didn't want to take a picture of just me winning again so he made me pose with the bartender like we'd played together

There is literally nothing better in the world than a very pretty person being obviously attracted to you to the point of nervousness

hey folks, it's been a rough few months, @luna_umbra got sick at the top of the year and missed about a week of work putting us in a hole we haven't been able to scrape out of. we received court papers today for eviction and need to come up with $930 by the 29th. she has a paycheck coming in tomorrow and is working this weekend but as of right now we have basically $0, I can't say precisely what we'll need but anything you can do helps more than I know how to say.

My trivia team from last week looks like it's about to drop the hottest pop punk album of 2007

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