100 boosts and I'll put "Wankie Tankie" in my description

the real question is, will we still need gaming after the revolution

Elon Musk: Within 2 years I will create seamless holograms of Chris Farley engaging in hand to hand combat with John Belushi

Me: This doesn't seem all that valuable

Elon Musk Fans: At least he's doing *something*, what are you adding to the world?

currently compiling a list with only four and exactly four equally sized black squares. I think that the Earth and the cells in the sky is blue, like really why.

Tinder cowgirl asked if I make posts and im not embarassed to confirm that

look. if you punctuate your sentences with the tilde ~ i’m sure you’re a nice person but it then becomes very possible that the next word out of your mouth will be “~uwaaa~” and i’d rather not live with that kind of stress

does hyperlink just choose words at random or is there some order that i'm missing

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