@starwall When I'm a bard I like to sing a song to increase my stealthiness

Casting the Silence spell near an entrance to discreetly break a glass window and enter a building without a sound

Pour up (wank)
Head shot (wank)
Sit down (wank)
Stand up (wank)
Pass out (wank)
Wake up (wank)
Faded (wank)
Faded (wank)

fuck yes. thank you for the robot uprising by getting on their personal laptop are Not Online

Call it a rebellion against nihilism and the universe itself-- life Itself is absurd, we are absurd, this whole scenario is absurd, and we are charged with making sure that that absurdity never stops. Life itself is its own meaning, meaning enough that "why" is made irrelevant. Why? Why not!? Hell, if there wasn't life, you wouldn't be asking why at all would you? Isn't THAT reason enough? Isn't THIS all enough?

Yes it is. The cosmos is worth being experienced. Life itself is worthwhile.

I hope outbursts of sincereposting and spontaneous affection never go out of style on here.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ to you all

good luck hacking me i got 7 antivirus toolbars on my internet explorer

What the hell is a softboy? Is that an evolutionary branch of fuckboys? nerds or jocks? Is it even in the same tree?

i like how pretty much all instances have adopted the blob emojis and the users prefer them over their device's standard ones/twemoji

😺 looks so much worse than :blobcathappy: and we all know it

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