So, scientists have recently discovered a *massive* impact crater in northern Greenland, under a kilometer of ice.

The impact would have occurred about 12,900 years ago and is hypothesized to have caused the sudden Younger Dryas cooling event, which caused many of the North American mega fauna to die out. (rip mastodons)


Show of hands, who thinks that doing Pavlov's experiments but revamped for use with plants wouldn't yield any results that indicate that plants can memorize things?

Well guess what. It turns out... it looks like some plants can remember things.

Ok but really though I didn't go with that. I went with this gem instead

look at how far I've come! I can hardly believe it's been nearly a decade of me doing this.

So many of the names have changed over the years. And I've finally finally learned how to spell galaxy correctly.

I just found this going through my old papers, it's an unfinished map of an unnamed planet. Feel free to use it for whatever.

There are Viruses that infect OTHER, typically giant viruses and they're called Virophages.

"Giant viruses" were themselves discovered in 2003 and their genome size was comparable to simple bacteria, and 2 to 3 times as complex as a normal virus.

The virophage, "Sputnik", was strictly dependent on co-infection with a giant virus called mimivirus which itself infected an acanthomeba. Sputnik's infection hurts mimivirus, making them 70% less infectious, making Sputnik akin to bacteriophages, hence the name virophage! A virus-virus!

Can we talk a moment about Stentors and how they can get so big you can see them with the naked eye and also sometimes can host entire colonies of symbiotic algae that produce some sugars in exchange for protection from predators?


This is the location where the Windows XP background was photographed now, feel old yet?

Most of the heaviest elements on Earth came from Neutron Stars going supernova or colliding with each other. Almost all of the gold you've ever seen came from an ancient collision between two neutron stars, and billions of years later they came together as part of a collapsing gas cloud that eventually formed the Earth.

Over half of the iron that makes your blood red came from white dwarves gathering too much mass and exploding as type 1a supernovas.

The hydrogen atoms in the water that makes up 70% of your bodymass formed 300,000 years after the big bang. Each of them is 13.7 billion years old.

We are the universe.

The Michigander citizenry test is to make both the upper and lower peninsula with your hands

We can do better than inequality. We can do better than capitalism. We can do better than this.

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